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It’s no secret that a fresh layer of paint can transform even the dullest room or furnishing. So why not apply the same concept to other facets of a home? Case in point: the refrigerator. When a model upgrade isn’t exactly an option, a simple coat of paint can inspire a new lease on life for this kitchen staple. Here’s how!

step one: pick a paint type

Spray paint, wall paint, and even chalkboard paint – there are a number of methods to go by when selecting a form of paint.

spray paint vs canned paint

Spray paint may offer a smoother finish to the refrigerator, while uneven brush strokes from regular paint may lend a faulty textural component.

glossy vs matte

Select a paint finish that will suit the surrounding elements of the kitchen – keeping cupboards, cabinets, and appliances in mind.

Note: If using spray paint, be sure to complete the task outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. 

step two: wipe the fridge down

Go over the surface of the refrigerator with a dry cloth to collect dust, and once more over with a damp cloth to remove stains.

Tip: For hard-to-scrub spots, use sandpaper.

step three: tape off sections

Use painter’s tape to cover the handles and ridges of the refrigerator, as well as any area you wish to exclude from the paint, such as the rubber trim.

Tip: Use the painter’s tape to form patterns on the refrigerator for a geometric finish. 

step four: apply the paint

brush paint

Use a paint roller to evenly coat the bulk of the surface, and a handheld brush for the tighter nooks and crannies. Let the paint dry for a couple of hours after the first coat, and reapply a second layer for a more smooth finish.

spray paint

Apply the spray paint according to the manufacturer’s directions in a well-ventilated area. Once the first layer has dried, apply the second.

Once the paint has completely dried, remove the painter’s tape to reveal your new fridge!