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If walls painted a single shade are bumming you out and statement walls aren’t any more exciting, you should consider going two-toned. Minimalists won’t necessarily have to give up their white walls and maximalists can choose two. And though painting your walls two colors isn’t super time intensive (all you need is painter’s tape and a level!), you will have some decisions to make. So we rounded up 13 different ways to paint your walls two-toned to make figuring out what you want that much easier. (You’re welcome!)

almost to the top

Once you decide to go two-toned, your next decision will be where to divide the wall. This deep hue works because the division draws the eye upward, creating the illusion of a higher ceiling. And do you see that weird triangle box in the corner? Painting a few feet below where your wall meets your ceiling—for aesthetic reasons or as a workaround for odd architecture—is a sound solution.

unfinished lines

If you’re a perfectionist, don’t even bother considering an unfinished, two color wall. But if you’re looking to create a more bohemian-inspired room with an element of surprise? Start flipping through paint swatches and think about ditching the painter’s tape.

over decor

Another out of the box idea is including decor hanging on your walls in your paint project. While this look isn’t for everyone, it does make a statement. (Mirrors aren’t the only wall decor you can dip-dye on your wall.)

neutral tones

Contrary to popular belief, painting a two-toned wall isn’t that complicated and doesn’t have to be a bold statement. This photo is a prime example of two neutral tones working together to make this wall—and room—less boring without the use of bright colors. (Bonus points for the super tall plant stand!)

even spacing

Deciding exactly where to paint your line is a big decision. Make sure to factor at what height you want to hang your decor and if you need these spaces to be even, like you see here.


Painting half of your wall one color doesn’t have to be a lot of work, but adding a more intricate design will surely take more time. Judging by how graphic and striking this color combo is, it will be worth it if that’s the route you decide to take.

statement wall

Buy the smallest amount of paint possible and do just one of your walls. It’s like a statement two-tone wall, which should take you almost no time.

shelf height

Painting the bottom half of your wall the same color as your floating shelves creates an extra cool floating effect.

table height

Choosing to paint the lower half of your wall—molding included—at a low table height is an interesting way to decorate a modern dining space. This is a rare occurrence where you don’t necessarily need to hang anything on the walls.

do the door

Much like painting over decor you plan to hang on your walls, including the door in a two-tone design feels unexpected. But the result? SO cool.

go vertical

When we think of two-toned walls, we often see the walls split horizontally, but think again. Don’t limit yourself to what’s been done before. Take the leap and split your wall (and room?) vertically.

two similar colors

Choosing two rich hues that are in the same color family eliminates the stark line that usually appears when you pair a bold hue with white. Opting for two like-minded shades creates visual interest without tons of contrast.

faint pastels

Just like choosing two richly pigmented colors eliminates contrast, so does selecting two light, pastel shades.