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by Michelle Gage

When it comes to paint, a tough choice can sometimes end in a beautiful, colorful compromise. If you have fallen in love with more than one shade for a particular room of your home, we suggest keeping both around. Here, we’ll walk you through rooms that get two tones (or more) just right.

We would happily work at this desk if this were our view. These great grey tones combine to create a striking piece of statement art, right on the wall.

A beautiful blush stripe cuts through this blank white wall. Select an on-trend color and introduce it into your space in a small way.

This deep rich color would overpower the room, if it wasn’t for the white break up top.

Sloppy paint job or cool approach? Skip the painter’s tape and let your eye be the judge. Update your white rental walls with a healthy dose of this zesty lemon shade.

A bold teal stripe races through these white walls. This color really helps to pull the space together.

This space is seriously chic. If you are going to choose two colors for a room, put the darker shade on the bottom.

We are in awe of this peachy pink paint color. The deep navy sofa brings out its vibrance even more.

You can recreate this look with just a little painter’s tape. A few simple steps get you an amazing look.

This striking black and white wall has all of our attention. ALL. OF. IT.

This serene blue shade makes this our ideal office space. We would have no problem working from home right here.

Colorful triangles connect to create this one of a kind look. Make original art on your walls.

Let your kid’s imagination run wild in this room. Color bounces off the walls in this sweet space.

This lush green shade has us all sorts of jealous. BRB…making a quick run to the paint store to replicate this look…

A little dab’ll do ya! Paint just a tiny patch on the walls above your desk. Give your space a little color. This is a quick way to update a neutral palette.

Let your color of choice spill off the walls and onto the floors. Stick with a soothing shade and make your space feel extra cozy.

Add a little prep to your step! This classic combination is perfect for your little prepster. These two shades are never going out of style.

This beautiful grouping of colors is so scrumptious and soft. A relaxing haven for sure.

Even the smallest of spaces can handle a little color update. If your walls are already white, pull out your paintbrush and just color the bottom half of your walls. This project is one that can be completed in just an afternoon.

Draw attention to your doorway with a little color. This navy tone accentuates the opening.

Split your walls between black and white. Amp up the appeal in your dining space with this two toned trick.

While it would be easy to splash the same shade on all of your walls, you’re not one to take the easy route. Split the space with these stunning shades.

This cool colored triangle adds a touch of playfulness to this dining space.

Split your walls in two. This charming space is one that can be easily replicated.

Let your walls do the talking. This fresh shade is giving us butterflies.

Let your ceiling shade spill over to the tops of your walls. If you’ve got a deeper shade on the walls, let a lighter one mix things up.

These walls mimic mountain peaks. Let your adventurous soul show on your walls. A popping pink desk sits perfectly in front of this scene.

This sweet pink shade catches the eyes of anyone who enters this room. A strawberry tone mixes well with the vanilla and makes us all kinds of hungry for something sweet.

An off-center melon stripe immediately grabs our attention. The imperfect placement of art and furnishings gives the room charm and interest.

A lovely slate blue shade makes quite the impression on this otherwise white wall.

For a totally unique take, paint everything that comes in the way of this cobalt blue striped path. We love how the walls match the desk and the bottom edge of the framed artwork.

When the wainscoting on your walls in this high and striking, you have to raise the bar with this bold blue color.

Split your space with this cornflower and serenity blue combination.