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by Michelle Gage

The “Live, Laugh, Love” sign had its moment. That moment has passed. Consider hanging up something new, something original, and something that makes your walls as aspirational as they are inspirational. We have plenty of replacement pieces to share.

Try a tiny

gallery wall

While you can certainly go all out, this one is more contained. Add seven or so pieces above your sofa for an instant update.

Welcome to the jungle. Add a little sass to your space with this bold print. There’s never enough hot pink neon, if you ask us.

It’s fun to dream. (And to frame those dreams on the wall).

This cute and clever sign makes a simple statement with text that’s subtle.

Sometimes more is more. Unleash your inner maximalist and load your walls up with vintage finds.

Add some colorful curb appeal to your walls. If you are renting and can’t paint your exterior, play pretend with this powder pink hotel photography.

Try out some neon signage. Add this friendly reminder to help you to think outside the box.

Trade your sign in for some lush plant life. Even a single palm on the wall can make your space feel more like the great outdoors.

Warm up your space with a little red. Toss that tired sign and let the red on your walls symbolize the love in your heart.

Layer your entry way walls with art. Keeping the frames somewhat consistent helps to create a cohesive look.

This warm toned brushstroke piece is the perfect replacement for your tired signage. Trust us, you would much rather have guests take notice of this piece.

Remind yourself that your best days are still ahead of you. This sign makes a similar statement, encouraging you to live loudly and find adventures.

Let a collection of quirky portraits adorn your walls. Find framed faces at local flea markets and source through vintage shops online.

Make a magical statement with this fantastic floral artwork.

If you are a fan of neutral tones, try this on your walls. The navy pops against the beige-gold tone.

You’ve got a lot to say. That is why you chose that “Live, Laugh, Love” sign. However, we suggest you say something else. Perhaps it is time to remind yourself just how beautiful you are.

The powder blue tone featured in this print is totally on trend for 2016.

Even white wall lovers can display some art. White frames and simple prints make for a seriously stunning space.

Life is beautiful. That is a great message to send to anyone who enters your home.

Florals freshen up any space. Add this stunning print to your living room. You will hardly miss that tragic sign we told you to toss.

Hang this soothing piece of art on your walls – STAT!

If you are a snow bunny, we have found your new favorite print. This art piece takes us back to our winter days on the slopes and cuddling up in the cabin.

This colorful print is the perfect piece for your space. Hang this proudly over your headboard or sofa to add some extra interest to your room.

These pretty blue homes bring in just the right amount of color, especially where a gallery wall is feeling too one-note.

These bright tones make every day a sunny one. This is a great piece to purchase in a large size and hang solo.

Add a plant wall to your room. Introduce some potted plants on an old palette. This easy and affordable update keeps your home feeling calm.

This photograph features a glorious mint green door.

Add some black and white photography to your space. Mix in some geometric prints to create a stunning look.

Add some ocean waves to your space. This is the perfect summer print, but is also calming year round.

Make your own wall hanging. Select a couple of colors and make this masterpiece. This is the perfect replacement for your forgotten signage.