Published on July 1, 2016

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While we love a good print, there’s just something about framing an unexpected object that gives a room or gallery wall a personal touch. We’re certain you have vintage pieces or family mementos stashed away that could be popped into a frame to totally refresh your space. Don’t believe us? Check out 28 items you didn’t know you could frame! With a little DIY or a trip to your local frame shop, you’ll take your walls from basic to beautiful in a snap.

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Photography by MYDOMAINE.COM

chic chinoiserie

Covering an entire wall in a chinoiserie mural can be pricey. But if you frame a few panels of asian-inspired wallpaper in simple gold frames, you’ve got a swoon-worthy wall covered in large-scale art!

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Photography by BHG.COM

cute suits

This designer framed petite bathing suits to add a touch of whimsy to this trellis print landing.

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serious scarf game

Frame a gorgeous vintage scarf above your desk or create a gallery wall full of the silk accessories for a very posh update to a boring wall.

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Photography by COXANDCOX.CO.UK

p.s. i love you

If you’re partial to snail mail, framing handwritten notes from your loved ones or archival letters from an antique store gives your space a story.

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Photography by LONNY MAGAZINE

pretty as a package

Sometimes the best part about a gift is the wrapping paper. Beautiful giftwrap can be easily framed to add a pop of print to your office space.

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Photography by AMY MEIER DESIGN

waxing poetic

Create a gallery wall with pages from your favorite books to personalize a room. This nursery’s wall is covered with poetry by Shel Silverstein and is simply precious.

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Photography by FRENCH BY DESIGN

bandana blues

This room, designed in a monochromatic blue pallet, is further enhanced by the bandana gallery wall in shades of navy.

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Photography by POP SUGAR HOME

rock candy

Frame a set of Agate coasters to instantly up your wall art game.

See the DIY here.

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Photography by THE PAINTED HIVE

map time

Make a statement by framing a vintage map and using it as a headboard.

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Photography by ST. FRANK

upcycled textiles

Use fabric remnants to add instant glamour to your space. Frame your favorite textiles to create simple, chic wall art.

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Photography by SONG OF STYLE

bag lady

Framing beautiful bags, like these Hermes ones in their iconic orange shade, is an easy way to add color and personality to your home office.

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anchors away

Framing a flag is a fresh take on your typical wall art. This room, designed in classic blue and white prints, is enhanced by framed nautical flags.

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branch out

DIY these framed branches to add texture and a natural element to your space.

See the DIY here.

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Photography by PERSIA LOU

(don’t) lose your marbles

Marbled paper is all the rage. You can pick it up at many paper and stationery shops! Pop the pretty print into a frame and you’ve got instant art to brighten any space.

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Photography by ALVHEM MAKLERI

frame half full

Who says a frame has to hold anything at all? This office space is transformed with a large empty frame and simple prints framed within.

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Photography by THE GLITTER GUIDE

jewel tones

If you’ve got your grandmother’s old brooches on your hands, put them to good use in a frame. This sweet piece of art is the perfect accent for a vanity.

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desert chic

Framing a succulent? Don’t mind if we do. These pretty plants add texture and color to this eclectic gallery.

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rustic charm

Hang framed vintage tile to add a bit of pattern play to your space.

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Photography by LOVEMAEGAN.COM

green space

Press leaves of all shapes and sizes for a pop of green. It’s even more beautiful to hang these in a window, taking advantage of your home’s natural light.

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bathing beauty

This small gallery adds character and charm to a bathroom wall. We’d never think to frame vintage vanity sets and perfume bottles… but now, we just might!

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Photography by BEAUTY AND BEDLAM

family secrets

Everyone’s got family recipes they can’t live without. Often, they’re handwritten on recipe cards by a loved one. Savor the memory of that special relative by framing the recipe for your kitchen wall!

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pocket of sunshine

Hankies may be a thing of the past, but framing them might be their chicest use yet.

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accessorize it

This gallery wall is next-level chic with that framed black necklace flanking the bottom right corner.

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Photography by MYDOMAINE.COM

cali cool

In a little boy’s bedroom, this designer framed a California state flag to make a statement above the headboard.

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Photography by INSPIRED BY THIS

nursery rhyme

This neutral nursery is enhanced with sweet framed dresses.

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light and airy

These framed feathers hang beautifully above this kitchen sink. We love the contrast of the black frames against the stark white wall.

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you’ve got mail

In this tiny powder room, hundreds of colorful stamps are framed in gilt vintage frames. In this space, more is more!

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Photography by PLASTOLUX.COM

soul music

If you’ve got a box of old records in the attic, dust them off and pop them into frames! We love the retro typography and bright colors these vintage vinyl covers bring to this space.