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white-on-white framing (and the easiest way to make it happen this summer!)

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The unprinted treasures, currently collecting dust in your iPhone’s camera roll, are finally having their day in the sun. Or at least on the wall. Framebridge is what we’re using to take our art from “that’d-be-nice” to “hang-it-right-there,” in just days. The custom framing service allows you to express your own style through frame and matting options (like the stunning white-on-white ideas we’ll discuss here).

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Cost is always a concern when it comes to framing, and Framebridge gets it. The service is affordable, with flat-rate pricing based completely on the size of your art–so there’s no guesswork. So that incredible painting your S.O. made for you during his/her creative phase can finally find a home above your desk.

Let’s talk about easy. You can literally upload pictures from your phone (or Instagram!). A bit indecisive? Not to worry, Framebridge let’s you preview your finished product in any of their 30+ frame styles until you find the one that works best for your space. Fun fact: This editor actually took a photo of a 1930’s image of her grandparents (yes, a photo of a photo–cue eye roll) and Framebridge turned it into a gorgeous work of art, with pristine photo quality.

If you’re looking to lighten up your space a bit this summer, seriously consider a white-on-white framing scheme. In addition to being extremely versatile, this style is both timeless and really fresh. Use it to open up a

gallery wall

that feels too heavy or to easily and elegantly make a statement where one is needed, such as above a couch.

You can frame “real” art (and a lot more), too! Send your sports memorabilia, diplomas, maps, family photos, and more to Framebridge and have them preserved in a beautiful, high-quality frame, giving your treasure the outfit it deserves. Keeping the matting and frames white within your gallery wall allows the colors and textures of the items you’re framing to pull focus.

One of the best things about Framebridge is the fact that they have an iOS app, so you can order directly from your phone! That amazing original artwork you scored on vacation can do a lot more than just gather ‘likes’ on Instagram. It can be custom sized, framed, and sit pretty on your wall, too! A photo this special belongs in a stark white frame to allow the vividness of the colors to shine.

Seriously, we could spend hours going through our own phones yelling out “oh I love that photo” every few seconds, looking for a pile of prints-in-waiting. Printing photos has become a lost practice, and we think it’s time for a (well-framed) change.

Still struggling with an upcoming gift for someone special? How about a lasting piece of original art from your little one, packaged in an elegant frame? The most lasting congratulatory gift you can give is a piece of art that means something to all of you. White framing and matting will blend seamlessly into virtually any nursery color scheme.

We know the feeling of not being able to pick a favorite (or five favorites) from your saved snaps. Framebridge has pricing that both makes sense and makes high-quality framing something everyone can have. Taping your favorite poster to the wall was cool (and economical) in college, but your art can graduate, too. Mementos and favorite moments pop from within white-on-white settings, while retaining a cool sense of uniformity.

Visit Framebridge to start framing your favorite moments!

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