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by Michelle Gage

When you think of introducing colors into your fall wardrobe, likely you are looking for oxblood, deep green, and ochre tones. Whether you wish to call it mustard or goldenrod, this shade is our new go-to fall neutral. It is tame enough to ground a space, but unique enough to stand out.

As done here splash this warm shade on an accent wall. The color brings height to the living space. When mixed with espresso brown tones, ochre is able to provide the pop.

Perhaps you are not in the position to purchase a new ochre sofa, or you really just like the wall paint you’ve already chosen. Find some sneaky spaces in your house that often go ignored. Your staircase is the perfect vehicle for this trendy tone.

If you are looking to update your bedding for fall, experiment with this rich tone. It is gender friendly, making it a color that both you and your partner can agree on.

Picking up some new pillows should be one of your fall decorating priorities. Such a switch up is an easy and affordable way to play with trends. Try testing the color out on your standard sofa.

Ochre pairs really wonderfully with jewel tones. Experiment with sitting this splash of sunshine next to a jade-colored piece of upholstery. Score some bonus points if you are able to pull off pairing ochre with spring’s standout color, blush.

An ochre coverlet really helps to pull your room together. Here, it is acting as a neutral, letting the teal and green tones be the pops. This bedroom features the perfect color story.

If you are too timid to try an ochre tone in your public spaces, feature it somewhere private. Introduce color into your bathroom. It is a great hue that likely won’t disrupt the existing color scheme.

Adding ochre instantly warms up a kitchen. Without the golden shade, the space would feel unfinished. The harsh black and soft pink would be missing their middle ground. Ochre is able to effortlessly pull this palette together.

There is something so elegant about crushed velvet. Bringing this material into your living room is a recipe for success. Ochre balances beautifully against the chilly blue tones.

You just can’t ignore the perfect pillow placement. Front and center, the crushed yellow tone pulls the whole space together. Sure, black and white tones are great on their own. However, toss a yellow piece into this puzzle and your bedroom is destined for greatness.

Put this color on your list for the flea market. Over the weekend, be on the lookout for the saturated shade. Ochre was big in the sixties and is making its comeback. We bet you can snag a vintage piece if you stay alert.

While we usually recommend keeping your trim white, ochre is making us think twice. If you are adventurous with your decorating, combine the buttercup hue with Kelly green and the truest of pinks.

Imagine eating breakfast here. This dining space masterfully incorporates two trends from fashion – ochre tones and color blocking.

This ochre area rug made of floor tiles (rather than a full rug–genius) acts as a rich neutral in a white and black living space. We love how it sets a colorful boundary line for the function of the room.

A yellow linen rocker is right up our alley. Go for something unexpected when selecting your next piece of furniture. A traditional shape is paired with an unlikely color.

Add a little ochre in your entryway. A rich and warm tone is a great one to greet guests with.

Pop a pair of pillows on top of your plain bedding. Even if you are afraid of color, the kick is minimal enough to sit well with you.

A blue background provides the perfect setting for this striking chair. While we are big fans of the shape, we are even bigger fans of the color. A goldenrod chair is ideal in the space.

An assortment of great grays really allow the yellow tone to take center stage. This color smartly lives on the top portion of the wall, bringing your eyes upward.

This vignette is the perfect mixture of masculine and elegant. The shape of these ochre chairs is so beautiful and makes the perfect partner to the jewel toned wall.

Give this color combination a try. Mix your whites and blacks with a little ochre. A golden tone works well with the brass accents in the space.

This living room is giving us all of the feelings of fall. Rich leather tones mix with those commonly found in nature, making for a restful retreat. Did someone say hot chocolate?

If this were our living room, you couldn’t keep us away from that darling chair. We have never seen a more perfect place to curl up with a good book.

What some may suggest is an unfinished paint job, we suggest is a work of art. This new take on color blocking catches your eye immediately.

There is something so enticing about a worn in leather sofa, especially when in ochre.

Ochre can evoke a vintage, comforting feel. When mixed with romantic, antique pieces, it is the star.