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by Michelle Gage

Sure, there are practical reasons why you would purchase a

neutral sofa

However, let’s put practicality aside and entertain the idea of a colored piece. Bold, bright, and colorful options can do so much for your living room. So even if just for a moment – and in another life – let’s explore the reasons why a colored sofa is the style your space is craving.

A beautiful blush tone is the chic savior in this space. Accompanied by a rich jewel toned wall, this sophisticated space screams high style.

Tease us with teal! This peacock blue color is just what your living room needs. Embrace this blue option for your sectional.

A rich navy blue is as close as a color gets to being neutral. This timeless tone will look terrific in your living space.

Consider going green. This emerald velvet option is right for your living room.

Say goodbye to beige and begin to embrace blush. This trend-right tone adds a soft and sweet element to your living room space.

Up the appeal of your living space with this vibrant green selection. (A gorgeous plant doesn’t hurt)!

A raspberry pink sofa is so chic in any space. Add a good dose of glam to any space with this sophisticated style.

A mauve sofa looks grey in some lights and pinkish in others. This color gives you the best of both worlds!

Pop a pretty pink sofa into your space. This delightful find is so fresh and fun.

Put a pair of ochre velvet sofas in your fireplace space. This color is a few steps up from beige, so it’s a great way to dip your toes in the color pool.

Embrace a dusty rose. This soft shade and stellar shape combine to make a sofa worth coveting.

This blush piece adds colorful softness to a space. It works so well with the stark white walls and floor.

A blood orange tone will brighten up any space. If you’re on the hunt for an exciting color with a little kick, let this killer choice be your new ally.

If you’re going to go hot pink, go hot pink!

An ocean blue hue looks totally at peace in this space. Creating a comforting living space with the inclusion of this calming color.

This robin’s egg

blue couch

is calling us! Do you hear it? It’s saying bring pizza and Netflix.

This green pick looks as if it hails from the great Land of Oz. Gather the complements when you bring this piece home.

This fantastic fuchsia find is perfect for your entry way. There’s no reason to be boring there with a basic colored couch.

A yellow sofa is so appealing in this space. This sunny color amps up the happiness in our hearts.

A deep green sofa is one way to go. If you are still a little leery about trying color, try a smaller piece is a rich, dark shade. This option almost gets away with being neutral.

A blossom pink pick is the perfect pick me up! Get happy with this heartwarming hue.

If you’re space calls for two sofa, let one be colorful. One practical neutral option exists for your rational side and the brilliant baby blue one exists simply for please.

Double the dose of navy in your space. The same color, but different shapes, creates an effortlessly chic vibe.

Serve this space up a juicy yellow sofa! Cheerful and vibrant, this bold pick is perfect for your happy living room.

A bright blue velvet piece is a standout in this space. Amp up the intensity with this fierce find.

This deep navy shade stands out against these white brick walls. Balanced with wood and white, this chesterfield is totally timeless.

A pair of pink sofas hold the ultimate preppy appeal! Punch up the color factor in this space with these unexpected options.

A baby blue sofa washes all of our blues away. Put this colored seating in your living space and note the compliments that keep coming.

A bright blue velvet settee is a greats seating option. This color sits well with us!

May we suggest that you pick purple! There is no way to not make a statement with perfect plum tone. This regal shade is one you should try.

A blue grey option provides you with a happy medium. You get that great grey tone, with a dose of color. This in between color should leave all picky parties pleased.