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When it comes to traditional artwork, like framed paintings and prints, the kitchen may not be your first thought. But a prominent spot in the most popular room of any home means you get to see and enjoy your favorite pieces on a regular basis. Art can also sub in for a lack of upper cabinets or backsplash, and adding art is the perfect way to finish a bare spot. Don’t save your wall beauties for precious spaces or out-of-the-way places—give them a prime location where you’ll see them every day.

Show Some Personality

The graphic look of this black grout and

subway tile

combo is an ideal backdrop for light, colorful art. Minimalist lighting and streamlined shelving doesn’t block the view. This kitchen isn’t afraid to mix up a variety of hues and the end result is an injection of personality that is picture perfect.

Vintage Backsplash

Neutral-toned vintage paintings bring the cabinetry and countertops in this kitchen together. No window means the art serves as a backsplash, of sorts. Yes, they may get splashed, but this is why you put your flea market hunting skills to work and place inexpensive finds in this busy spot.

Neon Scene Stealer

Traditional artwork is spot-on for kitchen placement. This space takes things a step further with a bit of neon. A pretty pink eye-catcher takes the look of the scene from austere to entertaining in a wink.

Nordic Niche

Mixing dark and light is the essence of Scandinavian design. White walls and tile provide clean surfaces while black accents keep the feeling grounded. To get the look, choose artwork in a rustic design or use prints of text. Of course, the matte black lighting is obligatory.


For kitchens with a Euro-feel, choose black and white photographs and abstract art. This space doesn’t shy away from mixing a variety of design elements. Go beyond the standard backsplash in lieu of something with a bit more of a lustrous detail. Every surface in this kitchen becomes art. Bold wall paint in a saturated shade of green brings it all together. This kitchen is like a piece of art in itself.

No Matchy-Matchy Here

An obscure nook or ledge in the kitchen calls for something unexpected. Vintage artwork in chunky wood frames stands out against a charcoal hued wall. The moody feel of this space is set off by the warm wood tones, which almost seem to draw in light. Sometimes unmatched accents are best.

Beautiful Budgies

So sweet! These little birdies blend in so well they practically feel real. How fun to have these darlings greet you each morning over coffee. The only thing better than a pair of parakeets is, possibly, those mirrored cabinets.

Simple Statement

There is nothing wrong with keeping it simple. One small piece in coordinating tones sets off an all-white wall. This well-placed painting manages to pick up colors in the light wood countertops, subway tile, muted gray cabinetry, and blue-green mugs.

Minimalist at its Best

There is something so pure in this understated scene. A couple of vintage oil paintings reside on a basic wood shelf over a farmhouse sink. Painted nubbly brick wall and a rustic brass faucet grace this pretty picture.

Good Country

White walls and cabinetry paired with light marble call for a moody art piece. This dark country style painting is just the thing for a kitchen with modern farmhouse design.

A Notch Above

A tiny shelf lined with teensy objects and animal art is a clean, crisp alternative to bulky upper cabinets. A space done up in light tones and neutral wood means you can switch up the accent color at will, though the bright green in this kitchen is a keeper.

Bright is Beautiful

Since a pink Smeg fridge already screams fun, you may as well go for exuberant artwork, too. Splashes of red and pink play nicely against black lower cabinets and stainless steel. The low hanging pendant lighting may blend in, but it’s the perfect touch to this funky kitchen.

Above and Beyond

Tall ceilings beg for attractive action, and they create space for displaying artwork. Even special and delicate selections are safe this high up. Notice how all pieces are in a united theme and color palette for a cohesive look.

open shelving

and a simple tile backsplash create a seamless canvas.