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What’s not to love about velvet? It’s soft, alluring, and can add a touch of glamour no matter what. Which is why we are kissing our linen and tweed couches goodbye and saying hello to these velvet beauties. Here are 10 photos of candy-colored couches we can’t get enough of.

1.Get lifted

Living in a home with melodramatic features such as this Parisian apartment? Lift the mood with a delicate pastel pink

velvet couch

and a few additional bright pillows and wall art.


2. African Inspired

If you are going for a world traveler motif in your home; compliment the bold woven textures and hand-dyed batik patterns with a lush velvet couch such as this emerald green piece

3. Balancing Act

Collaborating two design styles such as minimal and modern?  Allow a mustard velvet couch to bring the right amount of balance to your layered room.

4. Individuality

Bringing the color orange into your home does not automatically mean you have to pay homage to 70s inspired décor, or that you are looking for a bohemian vibe. The color on a single piece of furniture like this couch can give your room a high end feel and unique style that can’t be found anywhere else.

5. Coziness

Needing to create a space that provides coziness, comfort, and ample space for entertainment? Purchase an oversized velvet sofa with mixed patterned pillows and rustic furniture


6. Focal Point

Finding yourself intermingling animal and graphic prints along with an abstract art piece in your home décor?  A rich velvet couch can be the eye catching focal point needed to bring the room together

7. Accent Color

Choosing a color palette for your home can be quite difficult. But what better way to reinforce your creative decision by choosing a glamorous velvet couch that’s right in line with your color scheme?

8. Shabby Chic

Shabby chic décor in your home does not always call for pastels and whites.  Stay ahead of the trend by choosing to add bold velvet pieces such as this navy couch.

9. Glam Meets Bohemian

If you must purchase a grey couch, why not go for a lush velvet couch as shown in this glam-meets


bohemian apartment

A little glamour never hurt anyone.

10. Pantone color Marsala

If you are still in love with Pantone’s color of the year Marsala, this chic velvet couch is the perfect addition for your home. Try mixing the Marsala couch with grey and yellow accents as done here by interior designer David Hicks.