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A bathtub outside the house may seem pretty, if not impractical. From luxury resorts with exclusive private villas to rustic-boho backyard setups, looking at these nature-surrounded bathtubs will have you coveting one of your own. Whether it’s perched on the beach, placed on the back porch, or nestled into the side of a mountain, there’s no better spot to daydream than a soaking spot in the great outdoors. Read on for some of the best outdoor baths from across the globe.

This walled-in tub at the Garonga Safari Camp in Kruger National Park, South Africa is completely private, so you can bliss out under the stars in peace.

Hang out on the porch at Bellmont Farm in St. Kitts. Take in the views of the sea and lounge in some bubbles at the same time. You may love it so much you’ll want to add a tub to your front porch at home.

This indoor-outdoor bathroom gives you the option of showering inside, or taking a bath outside. It’s a win-win.

This genius bathroom design incorporates sliding glass panel doors, which open to make this indoor bathtub an outdoor one when needed.

Chill in this Napa Valley tub after a long day of drinking vino.

Painting a surrounding wall a deep shade of blue allows privacy while still preserving a wide-open feeling. Plus, who doesn’t love a major cactus moment?

It’s impossible to feel anything other than zen in this gorgeous tub at the Banyan Tree resort in Phuket.

So simple but so good. This garden tub is the ideal hideaway after a long day.

Need proof you can have an outdoor tub of your own? Here it is––easily placed on a backyard deck.

A greenhouse bath is an outside-the-home solution for those who live in colder climates, and sticking with an all-white palette keeps the space bright and airy.

Hop from the pool to the tub, and then back again, in this luxurious outdoor oasis.

It’s hard not to experience wanderlust when you see this tropical wooden bath, which sets the scene for a totally relaxing soak.

Another genius indoor-outdoor design, this humongous bathroom was built for entire days filled with leisurely lounging. Extending the tile and stone throughout the entire space keeps it feeling cohesive.

Sneak into this outdoor alcove with a great book and stay for an hour… or three.

Enjoy a soak under the sun after a long day on the beach at the Sanara resort in Tulum, Mexico.

Add a curtain for some extra privacy, like they’ve done at Cherry Wood Bed Breakfast and Barn in Yakima Valley, WA.

Rustic stone walls strike a contrast with this luxe, polished tub, and wood deck planks provide an alternative but durable outdoor flooring option.

Twin tubs, like these at the Villagio Inn and Spa in Napa Valley, are ideal for both romance and comfort.

Enjoy this gorgeous mountain view with both a bathtub and a shower to choose from. What more could you possibly want?

This tucked-away soaking sitch has a fairytale vibe that we really dig.

Enjoy a cozy campfire and bath for two at the main cabin at Glen Oaks Big Sur in California.

Live in the city? Surround your tub with plant life to make it feel more country, as shown in this perfectly bohemian setup.

Life is easy in this Bali villa, where the bathtub is just steps away from the bed, meaning you can spend your entire day doing absolutely nothing.

A tub surrounded by greenery will make you feel like you’re in the rainforest, even if you’re just in your backyard.

Paper lanterns add a dreamy element to this rustic chic space, complete with a lounge chair for post-bath relaxation.

Check out this outdoor space with both a shower and a gigantic bath to choose from.

A green accent wall highlights this gorgeous stone, statement tub.

This modern St. Barts home has the right idea for relaxing in the great outdoors, and the dark stone tub blends perfectly with its natural surroundings.