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The bathroom is one of the few spots in a home where you can really unleash your creativity. We’re loving the intense color block of this spacious room, complete with an intricate wall design and plenty of personality.


Fresh greens instantly revitalize this whitewashed bathroom that’s essentially void of color and a surplus of decor. Minimalists, take note.

Within this perfectly tiled bathroom, a subtle pop of color comes in the form of the dusty rose shower curtain, which imparts the space with an effortless air of elegance.

We’re all for repurposing vintage cabinets and chests into a bathroom vanity. This bright green piece steals the spotlight, lending a dynamic burst of color to the monochromatic details of the bathroom.

This elegant spot is simply proof that style knows no bounds, especially when it comes to small spaces.

Having a hard time making up your mind when it comes to the tiling? Mix and match! If there is anything that this spot has taught us, it’s that there is no such thing as decorating with too many patterns. To achieve a cohesive look, stick to a complementary color palette and avoid utilizing too many vibrant patterns.

Psst! Think of it as a great way to incorporate a more splurge-worthy tile without having to break the bank. Now that is our idea of a solid compromise.

Porcelain sinks may be a thing of the past, and we’re not one to complain. Especially when the alternative happens to be a raw, concrete piece as chic as this. The organic composition of it is simply incomparable.

Wooden vanities are making quite the comeback and we couldn’t be happier. Complement the look with a monochrome backsplash, sleek hardware, and just a hint of color. This color trio is chic, modern, and stunning!

Gone are the days of hanging caddies or bathtub walls outfitted with shampoo. Create mini nooks within the walls of the shower to house bath essentials and accessories.

Forgo the standard medicine cabinet and wall light pairing in lieu of something a bit more elegant. Here, an ornate mirror and a modern sconce work together in perfect harmony.

Utilize unique surfaces and materials to create a captivating backdrop for the bathroom. We’re loving the subtle contrast between the stained wooden walls and the elegance of the porcelain tub.

Granted you are blessed with the added square footage, designate a section of the bathroom to serve as a shower and bath area.

Paint the outer side of the tub in a dark matte shade for a daring touch of contrast. Bonus points for matching it to the tiles or wall paint of the bathroom.

Don’t be wary of incorporating a bold color into your bathroom remodel. What other opportunity will you have for a design as intricately colorful and fearless as this?

Set aside a spot for plants. Whether it be situated within the shower wall or hung from the ceiling, a little green can go a long way in terms of a complementary decorative accessory.

Think of it as the bathroom version of the farmhouse sink. Couple a lengthy sink with his-and-hers mirrors and a pair of faucets for the master bath.

Incorporate tiles throughout the bathroom in a more abundant manner. Extend it along the walls, floors, and ceiling for a sleek and contemporary effect.

Simplify everything. Think less is more, and stick to the basics when it comes to the vanity, shower, or tub. Modern minimalism is in!

Bring in a mod brass pendant to the bathroom for both a daring element of design as well as an added source of lighting.

When it comes to the lighting, get a little creative. Instead of traditional

overhead lighting

, opt for an assorted mix of hanging bulbs or small pendants to impart the room with a more unique finish.