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Decorating a room in exclusively black and white can be an intimidating thought, we know. The optimistic side? With a limited color palette comes opportunity for a more defined decor aesthetic. Here, 23 reasons why you should rethink a monochromatic scheme.


It may be monochrome, but the attention to detail in this living room’s accent pieces make it anything but boring. The graphic print hanging behind the sofa and modern glass vase take this space to a whole new level of sophistication.

Playing on shades of grey, this monochrome space keeps it simple with potted plants and a throw rug for a light and airy finish.

How cosy is this room? Note how the string lighting and of throw pillows create a more visually inviting space.

An accent rug of a globally-inspired make evokes warmth to the monochromatic decor in this light-filled room.

This whitewashed room gives off serious Parisian vibes, from the parked bike to the rustic wood flooring. Adding small touches —like a stack of wood or decorative lanterns— will make your living room seem much more effortlessly chic.

Incorporate a bolder note to the all-white space with statement mirror in a thick black frame. Couple the piece with a framed graphic print and lean against the wall for an effortless feel.

This monochromatic vignette proves that a lack of color provides opportunity for a more fiercely decorated space.

Shades of gray in various forms can lend a surprisingly inviting touch to a space. A brushed nickel pendant hanging above the coffee table completes the look.

A steel base coffee table emulates the sleek black frames of the wall art, enabling a defining element to the room.

What this monochromatic living room lacks in color it makes up for in style.

A striped rug creates an illusion of a lengthier area in this mod living room.  Small space dwellers should take note!

A monochromatic living room with plenty of sleek details, cozy textures, and graphic wall art.

A wildly cozy rug inspires a defining element that doubles as the room’s accent piece.

In this whitewashed space, a gray sofa paired with a couple of darker gray throw pillows, provide just about all the furnishings the room could need.

A black trim on the white sofa creates a defining element that contributes depth to the room.

A wood-paneled fireplace surround can add character to even the most refined of monochromatic schemes.

A monochromatic color block works just as well with a pair of light gray and black coffee tables!

Within this exclusively all-white living room, a streamlined coffee table offers a sleek touch that complements the contemporary elements of the decor.

A trio of monochromatic shades reinvent the multi-tone paint trend, accentuating the architectural structure of the room.

Wood panel floors lend an uplifting element to the classically elegant details of this Parisian apartment.

Slipcovered basics inspire a laid-back vibe in this dreamy living space. Note the chic concrete flooring that further accentuates the monochromatic style.

A streamlined aesthetic expands well into the minute details of this contemporary living room. An abundance of natural light creates a more inviting essence within the space.

Pair charcoal blacks walls with a whitewashed ceiling to avoid an enclosing effect within a room.

A curated shelf of thematically-appropriate accents set a chic backdrop for the monochromatic decor.

A patterned Moroccan rug adds an appropriately modest hint of a change in hue.

In the living room that doubles as a home office, the focal point of the room is also conveniently located in the center within the Scandi-esque take on the classic secretary desk.