20 reasons to try a colorful sofa

embrace the hue for you.

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by Rosie Hatch

When you think about it, why not try a colorful couch? We often forget that one of the largest pieces in your living room has a major eye-catching effect, especially when you give it a pop of color. So whether you’re tired of your neutral colored sofa, or just looking for some inspiration, here are 20 colorful (and fabulous!) sofas.


You can’t go wrong with navy blue. By mixing old with new, this navy velvet sofa looks amazing when  paired with a Persian-style rug and wood elements.


If you’re looking for a bold jewel tone, this is it. Depending on how you style it, it can go from regal to bohemian in a snap. There’s nothing better than a versatile color for those that love to change their minds with décor!


Sultry and moody, the dark purple is an elegant color choice for a sofa. Pair it with dark walls and you now have a living room that oozes sophistication.

baby blue

Baby blue is perfect if you’re looking to achieve that effortless

Scandinavian style

. The color is soft, peaceful and inviting- what’s better?


Fun and flirty, pink is great for the bachelorette pad or anyone looking to incorporate a sweet color into their room. Pair it with black and white style elements to allow its color to really stand-out.


Plums, berries and burgundy’s are a stunning choice for the accent sofa in the room. The color is dark, yet surprisingly refreshing. By using a deep wall color like slate, you can offset the feminine berry color and create an environment that is unisex and classy.


Yellow is distinctive of one thing: fun. Not only is it a fun color, it’s also incredibly fun to style. Yellow goes with just about anything, so unleash your creativity!


The epitome of chic, a deep red velvet sofa is a dream. Combine it with vintage pieces and pillows and we can assure you, this color will never go out of style.


A great spring color, teal paired with gold is a winning combination. Add some extra floral style elements and you have one sweet space.


Yes, a violet sofa can still look sophisticated and here’s proof. By placing it in front of a rustic brick wall and using plenty of texture-rich throw pillows, you’ve added a delicate pastel color into a rustic, modern oasis.


Sometimes we think of gold for just small décor items, but it can also be used on a massive scale as the color of your sofa. It is the perfect shade if you are looking for that mid-century modern feel.


We all know how versatile denim is in our wardrobe, so why not bring that into your living room? Pair it with soft whites and pale colors to really allow it to stand on its own.


Don’t shy away from this color as it can give your room that one-of-a-kind feel that you’ve been searching for. Add some layered textiles using comfy throws and you have a truly unique desert-inspired living space.


How beautiful is turquoise when it stands out next to natural wood? The two elements create a natural southwestern feel that makes a beautiful combination.


Here is a great way to get your colorful coral sofa (or sofas!) to stand out. Find a dark paint color for the walls and a soft patterned rug and watch the coral steal the show. It’s bright, beachy, and classy all rolled into one.

royal blue

You can style this color any way you like, but we are loving this pink, red and blue combo with the stunning rug that ties all the colors together.

pale green

A truly unique color, this pale green is subtle yet striking when balanced with a soft pink wall and stunning wall art. This unexpected color can definitely take your living room to the next level.

grey blue

If you’re not ready to dive into a bold color for your sofa quite yet, this is a great alternative. This grey with a hint of blue is perfect to help set a refined ambiance in your space.

bubblegum pink

Fun with a feminine attitude, this pink is an eye-catching color when paired with these dark green walls. Add some extra glam with a crystal chandelier and abstract art and you have one room your guests won’t stop Instagramming.


Here’s a green that has a ton of style diversity. Dress it up with dark style elements to create a moody atmosphere or keep things in the pastel color range for a youthful, refreshing look.