33 reasons to try watercolored wallpaper

statement walls with a painterly touch.

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by Michelle Gage

Wallpaper has the ability to totally transform any room. It is an easy way to introduce bold colors and patterns into your home, with geometric and floral wallpapers making their mark. A new, emerging trend peeking its way through in the wallpaper world is watercolors. Whether they are broad, sweeping strokes or delicately painted patterns, watercolor wallpaper design ideas are sure to bring style to your space.

The faded, inky navy tone on this wall immediately draws you in with a sense of cool calm.

Watercolor florals and palms create a lush space. These popping pink flowers bounce off of the walls, creating a tropical escape.

This multi-colored mural is truly beautiful. Incorporate all the colors of the rainbow into your space. This mural has it all – birds, flowers, and fruit.

Falling feathers collect to create a pretty pattern on your wall. Blue and white is a classic combination. The wispy feathers provide a pretty pop of quirk.

Spruce up a simple stripe. Not only is this pink color unexpected, but it is also a little irregular–and we’re into perfect imperfections.

Any office space would benefit from this stunning blue wall. We can already feel our productivity increasing, with just one colorful statement.

A teal blue trickle of paint makes for an ocean-inspired wall. Lighten up any room in your space with this calming kick of color.

The delicate whimsy of this print brightens a room with positivity. It’s hard to be in a bad mood with such a friendly pattern!

If you are a lover of indigo, this is the wallpaper for you. Skip the headboard and introduce a painterly wall into your space.

Delicate watercolor flowers make for a stunning wallpaper. This statement is one you won’t regret making.

There is no denying that palm print is everywhere. While we are used to seeing it sharp, we suggest trying one with a more painterly hand.

If you are looking to try this trend, but love a good neutral, go for grey. Even a less bold approach makes a wonderful statement.

A water-like design gives the room depth and a feeling of zen.

Blue skinny leaves look great in your powder room. This watercolor look appears effortless.

This is a wallpaper we would love to wear, actually.

The oversized florals are seriously stunning behind this bed. These colorful flowers dance around your walls and make a space feel active.

Sweeping strokes are beautifully brushed on these walls. This wallpaper appears to be created by washed up waves.

Dine in elegance. This colorful watercolor wall makes an artful statement fit to greet guests.

This wallpaper gives the appearance of smoky grey clouds collecting to provide a sense of calm within a space.

Bright blue buds are always an optimistic option.

These blooming flowers feel fresh in this sleep space. This cluster creates a floral field right on your walls.

Overlapping palms make the perfect statement in your space. Introduce this trend-right pattern into your home for an unforgettable decor moment.

Stand back and fling some paint at your walls! While that is certainly an option, we think you might prefer to purchase the wallpaper.

Create art where this is none. Bring a watercolor pattern into your neglected hallway.

Blotchy markings make this wall stand out. Create a beautiful look in your space with just a little bit of wallpaper.

Tight and tiny palms allow you to bring the outdoors in. This luscious green wall is making us totally envious.

These blue tones look as if they were swept up right onto the shore. T

We are all about cool cacti. This is a mini trend we have been spotting for the last year or so. While we have typically seen this wallpaper style in nurseries, we think it can be used anywhere in your home.

These large leafed florals feel insanely fresh and are a fun way to play with colorful pattern.

This wallpaper helps you to achieve a tie dye look on your walls. Bring a little boho into your space.

Painted diamonds dance on these white walls. This striking wallpaper is one we simply cannot live without.

This Kelly green shade is “of the moment.” This bold move need not dictate the rest of your home’s color scheme, but instead it can stand out as an inspired idea.