Published on December 5, 2016

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Photography by VOGUE LIVING

The Butler

Sydney’s The Butler has dubbed itself an eclectic oasis and its exotically-themed wallpaper emulates just that. Channeling the natural elements of the Australian landscape, the historic locale seamlessly blends the old with the modern.

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Photography by LE COUCOU

Le Coucou

Le Coucou’s elegant design is reminiscent of an early 20th century establishment, where no detail has gone unnoticed. Our favorite part? The alluring wallpaper, which elegantly wraps around the classic decor. 

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Photography by MYDOMAINE


Winsome’s mid-century modern design complements the whimsically illustrated wallpaper, setting the scene of the LA eatery. 

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Hotel Providence

We’re all for a fresh take on floral motifs, especially when they involve a monochromatic finish. Hotel Providence’s black and white flower print extends a subtle edge to the rustic decor of the restaurant. 

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Liza Beirut

This Mediterranean-front eatery captures the historic elegance of the 19th-century, Middle Eastern palace it calls home. We can’t take our eyes off of the complementary sync of the palm leaf wallpaper and the architectural details of the space.

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Photography by STUDIO MUNGO

Figo Toronto

The glam-meets-modern aesthetic of FIGO extends itself to the stunningly captivating wallpapered ceiling. The subdued palette coupled with the understated floral motif emulates the aesthetic in an effortless manner. 

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Photography by VéRONIQUE MATI

Le Gare

This Parisian spot’s vintage wallpaper sets a defining detail against the modern decor with its tropics-inspired print.

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The Nelson St. Kilda

Situated in Australia’s picturesque St.Kilda, The Nelson emulates its waterfront locale with its nautical decor featuring a rustic twist. Note the complementary detail of the vintage leather seats and the soothing, sea-inspired blues of the textured wallpaper. 

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Leo’s Oyster Bar

It’s no secret that we (along with just about everyone else) have a slight infatuation with Leo’s signature, palm print wallpaper. The custom-made detail has appeared on myriad Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards alike, and we simply can’t get enough. 

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Photography by DAVID FOESSEL


This may be the spot where one can find the best hamburgers in Paris, but we’ll be going for the wildly colorful decor and abstract-patterned wallpaper.

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Photography by KENFULK.COM


This cozy San Francisco coffee shop’s modern decor scheme extends to the whimsically monochrome and floral wallpaper, dotted with a playful pop of color.

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La Gauche Caviar

Part modern, part French Art Deco,  La Gauche Caviar’s literary-inspired backdrop extends a sense of warmth and comfort to the contemporary details of the room.

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Photography by INTERIOR DESIGN


This Soho bakery’s exposed brick surround imparts a warm detail to the cozy decor, but our favorite detail can be found within its vintage-inspired restrooms. An illustrated wallpaper decks the space, coupled with a geometrically-patterned backsplash, resulting in one seriously chic design. 

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Photography by JENNIFER CHONG


Superba’s Instagram-friendly aesthetic extends from its baked goodies all the way to the serape-wrapped booths and graphic-printed walls. 

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Photography by NICOLE FRANZEN


Soho’s Galli combines the old-world elegance of New York with a mod, tropical touch. Its monochrome surround extends from the walls to the rustic-esque table settings, elevated by the leafy palm print set against the lustrous brass hardware.  

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Photography by EATER NASHVILLE

Le Sel

Nashville’s ultra hip spot Le Sel, manages to seamlessly unite the iconic aesthetics of Music City and Paris, resulting in a wildly imaginative and bold finish.