Published on March 14, 2016

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Photography by @thejungalow

by Michelle Gage


This fern print wallpaper brings lush natural motifs into your home. Line your walls with this leaf print and add an unexpected touch of greenery into your décor.

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Photography by @nicholnaranjo


Set yourself up for success by housing a bold print behind your work station. This desk is easily one of the most enviable set ups we’ve seen on Instagram!

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Photography by @buk_nola


Adding exciting prints to small spaces is an easy way to instantly transform your room. This is the place to choose something that’s a little over the top!

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Photography by @mmmichgage


Dainty white birds frolic sweetly up this entry way wall. The soft cool color palette contrasts nicely against the warm wood stairs.

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Photography by @simplygrove


A bold black and white graphic helps to add a kick to this otherwise sterile space. This tight repeating pattern is one that you’ll want to look at all day.

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Photography by @lisacongdon


Blue and white patterns are always a hot trend in home décor. This clean and sharp pattern helps to balance the room’s rough and worn pieces of furniture.

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Photography by @anthropologie


For an unexpected twist, apply wallpaper to your hallway steps. This eclectic look mixes patterns masterfully.

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Photography by @deucecitieshenhouse


Choose an accent wall and make it pop with a dancing floral print. This room’s solid tones are nicely anchored by this prancing pattern.

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Photography by @anewalldecor


Will cacti be the banana leaf print of 2016? This dessert plant could certainly knock the iconic print off of its top spot!

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Photography by @hyggeandwest


For the truly glamorous, this white and gold floral print is the perfect pick. For a show stopping look, accessorize the room with matching golden accents.