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by Michelle Gage

Bold colors and novelty brass go together like peanut butter and jelly. Put this punchy combination on a door and you have a greeting your guests will never forget.


Pineapples were once seen as a sign of hospitality. What better way to welcome guests than with that symbol greeting them at your front door!


This regal Victorian bronze lion roars with excitement as guests gather at your front door.


You’ll have a whaley good time collecting compliments on this nautical knocker.


This slithering snake adds even more edge to this already midnight black door.


Giddy up! This vintage horse shoe door knocker is sure to bring luck to all those who enter your home.


We’re not the least bit crabby about this crustacean crawling up our door.


These elegant hands extend themselves to your guests, welcoming all those who enter.


A little lobster never hurt anyone! Add this catch of the day to the door of your beach house.


This friendly fox greets guests with a cunning smile.


Ahoy! Set sail with this nautical anchor, posing as a door knocker.


It’s no surprise that the hospitality pineapple makes a double feature. Often brought back from lengthy travels, the pineapple was given as a welcoming gesture.


Sally could sell us an entire pail full of these adorable seashell door knockers.


A knocker that doubles as a hanger? Sign us up.


And old school knocker paired with a new age color makes for a cool vibe.


Can’t go wrong with classic.