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The Best Decor Rental Services For the Lazy Homeowner

You never have to worry about committing again.

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If you haven’t decided what your new home should look like—are you more eclectic, or do you skew traditional?—there’s a way to make that decision without much hassle or commitment. While rental services for fashion and accessories have been all the rage for a while now, home decor rental websites are suddenly having their own surge in popularity. Perfect for both the commitment phobe owner and the millennial renter who just wants to play around with some new styles, home decor rental services can transform your living space with minimal fuss.

But with so many new sites popping up every single day, which ones should you gravitate toward? You’re in luck: We carefully picked out the very best ones.

Table + Teaspoon

Entertaining can be ridiculously hard, what with planning the menu, guests, and decor—but luckily, Table + Teaspoon is here to help you with at least one aspect of it. Featuring the creme de la creme of table design, Table + Teaspoon makes planning a chic soiree as easy as ever. Simply pick from one of six packages, and you’ll get everything from linens to flatware delivered right to your door. The best part? You don’t even have to clean anything in order to send it back for return.


Ideal for a dorm or first home, Cort makes furniture rental as easy as possible. You can choose from either a set look for a room or mix and match pieces yourself, and the company even offers dorm sets, pillows, plants, and mirrors—basically, anything you’ll ever need to make your home as chic as it can be. Even more incredible? The “Move In Ready” option, where all you have to do is describe your style with a few short clicks, and let Cort take care of the rest.

Rise Art

Rise Art wants to change the way art collecting is viewed—instead of the stuffy, intimidating atmosphere associated with it, Rise Art makes the process fun. Think interactive quizzes, quirky pieces, and great prices, since you’re renting the art for as long as you want until you decide whether or not you want to buy it. With both esteemed artists and new, local faces, Rise Art is the easiest and most convenient way to experiment with adding some art to your own home.


Easily the trendiest site of the lot, Feather wants to make moving as easy and hassle-free as it can possibly be—which is why no matter what items you order from the site, they will be delivered and assembled for you. Options include standard and hip packaging for bedrooms, living rooms, and studios, and the furniture comes at spectacular price points—for instance, this incredible chair set is only $20 a month. And with rental time ranging from three months to a year, you can change your furniture as often as you change your toothbrush.

Brook Furniture Rental

Designed for both home and office, Brook Furniture Rental makes the entire experience seem absolutely luxurious, thanks to its full-service concierge service and extensive collection of furniture, lighting, houseware, and even technology. From dreamy accent pillows to unique, textured rugs, Brook Furniture Rental offers something for everyone.

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