Published on December 21, 2015

Inside this stunning boho space, a patterned wallpaper lends an exotic touch to the whitewashed elements and lustrous details of the room. 

An indigo-esque wallpaper captures the spotlight within the intimate confines of this eclectic powder room

Petal pusher? Seems about right. A floral motif of a stunning gold hue lends a playful touch to this glam spot

A blackout brick wall makes for a fearless backdrop inside this Joshua Tree retreat. How’s that for untraditional? 

A vibrant Penguin classics-inspired print provides a pleasantly playful complement to the rustic details of this space. 

The best way to complement a dark wall paint in the powder room? Colorful art in the form of a gallery wall will definitely do the trick. 

This aptly-named wallpaper – Butterfly Parade – instantly transforms a narrow space into an exotic escape in this fearlessly designed Dallas home

An ultra glam Art Deco-themed wallpaper proves that an eye-catching print can go a long way when working with limited square footage.