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Abbe Fenimore, of Studio Ten 25, recently designed a 3-story home in Dallas that instantly grabbed our attention. Bold color, excellent use of space, and fearless use of prints abound throughout the entire home. Read on to learn more about Abbe and her project.

Did you always want a career in design?

I have always loved pretty things and shopping for furniture and accessories with my mother and grandmothers growing up. Even as a little girl, I was constantly re-arranging my room and changing little details in my dollhouse. My mother is a talented seamstress, so we were constantly making new drapes and bedding for my dollhouse out of her fabric scraps. I am fortunate to have had parents that encouraged me to pursue my passion, take art classes and study interior design in college. After graduating from college, I worked for a few different design companies and knew that, one day, I wanted to do more.

Where is this home located?

This home is located in the Farmers Market neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. It is a three-story condo with a fabulous rooftop deck overlooking Farmers Market and Downtown Dallas. This up-and-coming neighborhood has grown steadily in past few years and is blossoming with new development; the number of apartments and condos in the area could easily double in the next few years. It has been undergoing a major revitalization since 2011 and is now home to many new restaurants and retail stores.

Any advice for our readers on incorporating multiple prints into a space?

I always take my time when incorporating multiple patterns. Sometimes you have to live with it for a few days and step away before revisiting in once you have had some time to let it sink in. When mixing patterns, I like to start with my favorite pattern and then bring in other patterns that complement it. Also, never underestimate the power of using solids and textures to create balance!

Did your clients have design ideas or did they leave it all up to you? What were the primary goals of this project?

This project was a definitive collaboration between my client and me. She was beyond organized, and when we started on the design development, provided plenty of inspiration and a great to-do list. She wanted a home that reflected the urban neighborhood around her, but had a feminine, sophisticated vibe with unique pieces. The Farmers Market neighborhood and its development are important to her, as she is the president of a Dallas development company that owns many of the buildings in the area. She has played a large part in the neighborhood’s revitalization and knows the area like the back of her hand. As an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, preservationist, downtown urbanista and community advocate, her passion for the change in the city was empowering during the design process! She wanted the main floor to feel open, but cohesive, since it was going to be the main entertaining level. We needed plenty of seating and the space needed to showcase the amazing view of Downtown Dallas. We spent most of our time together shopping for unique pieces and playing around with fun ways to incorporate bold patterns throughout the home. She is extremely busy and wanted her home to be a haven where she could relax and kick up her heels after long workdays. Once the main pieces were selected, the overall look began to develop and I think we were both surprised with how bold we were in our selections. We would look at each other, smile and agree to just go with it! It was an exciting process and I became obsessed with installation days at her home. She would trust me to be there during the day to oversee installations while she was at work, so getting a happy text from her once she came home to see the updates was so rewarding.

What is your client’s favorite part of this project?

I would have to say the Butterfly Parade wallpaper and fabric. It was the first pattern that we selected for the home and she loved it so much that we added it to the back of the entry nook and as a pop in back of the office bookshelves. It is the perfect “bridge” pattern for the space and mixes perfectly with the many patterns and textures in the home.

What’s the best design advice you’ve ever been given that you’d like to pass on? 

Naturally, there are rules when it comes to design. But I believe rules are made to be broken! Design with your heart, tap into your passions and trust your gut when making decisions.

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