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Seattle designer Brian Paquette has six years of interior styling experience, and it shows in his remarkable attention to light, form, and balance. We caught up with Brian to chat about one truly special project–his own, a light-filled condo in Seattle’s North Capitol Hill neighborhood.  

1. What was the inspiration or guiding force for this project? Were you motivated more by the space itself or your personal design preferences? 

I moved into this new condo about 6 months ago. This is the first new construction building I have ever lived in and the challenge was the keep it warm and layered while also respecting the clean lines of the space and not overwhelming it. Years of living with creaky floors and uneven moulding and paint led me to want something a little different for this next phase of my life. The amount of light that radiates throughout the apartment is its biggest asset.

2. What part of this project are you most proud of? 

Less proud and more just happy to be able to fill the spaces with pieces from designers and makers that inspire me. The lines are varied and reference many styles and time periods from mid-century to contemporary and a few antiques and classic pieces thrown in.

3. Any favorite memories of the project you’d like to share?

Having friends over with the doors wide open, having drinks and laughing our faces off all night.

4. Who in your life has the best sense of interior design? 

Humbly, I have had the extreme pleasure to be friends with some of today’s best talent in this industry from all over the country and world…we see each other at design conferences and connect and stay in touch through Instagram and phone calls. I am inspired by so much, currently though the work of ASH, DISC Interiors, Commune and Ilse Crawford, Peter Zumthor, John Pawson and countless fine artists have been spinning around my head.

5. Where do you find yourself spending the most time in your newly designed space? 

The den with all my books, my records, and the deep, down filled sofa is where you can find me many nights, working and listening to music with my feet up. Its like a little cocoon after a long day.

6. How would you describe your personal aesthetic in three words? 

Collected, Referential and Comfortable

7. What design elements or tricks of the trade did you implement here that would be easy for our readers to try in their own homes? 

Don’t accept the lighting that comes with your place, whether renting or buying. Change it up and have many layers of lighting, from bright and airy to low and calm. I use the rule of never wanting to feel the need to turn on the overhead lights in a room…lamps on a table or floor and sconces well balanced can provide a way more pleasing lighting situation. That, and live with what you love and wait for what you want.

8. What’s the best design advice you’ve ever been given? 

Don’t take any of this too seriously. See more from

Brian via his  Instagram!

See more from Brian via his  Instagram!