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Megablogger Chriselle Lim enlisted Laurel & Wolf designer Lucinda Pace’s help for her daughter’s nursery a year ago. The two worked so well together, Laurel & Wolf returned to design more of Chriselle’s home! See this style blogger’s stunning  space and learn about Lucinda’s process below. And yes, a style blogger’s home is exactly as stunning as you’ve always imagined.

What inspired this project? Did your client come to you with ideas in mind or did she leave it all up to you?

Chriselle and I began working together when she chose me to design a nursery for her daughter Chloe late last year. With her background in fashion and my taste in interiors, the process proved to be rather seamless. She loved the results and in turn asked me to design her living room and dining room. We discussed infusing elements of polished brass and layering hues and textures to make the space feel fresh and brighter. As a blogger, she’s no stranger to a Pinterest board! She had solid ideas of what she liked and the direction she wanted to go in, but ultimately deferred to my expertise which was nice. You can’t really ask for more than having a client trust in you. We worked well together and in the end the space was beautiful and chic with a modern twist.

Are there design elements you consider your “signature”, and are any of them present here?

  I guess I would be kidding myself if I didn’t admit that my style is pretty well situated between glamorous and edgy. Design should be fun and sexy. I like to infuse rich and luxurious textures that make you just want to rub your whole body up against everything, which I’ve been known to do. But I also always add an unexpected factor whenever possible; whether that be in metal finishes or urban art or a punch of color or patterns. I don’t feel like I did a good job unless I knocked your socks off in at least some small aspect.

What was the most memorable part of this project?  

I really enjoyed the opportunity to custom design some of the pieces of furniture in this project. The dining room chairs and etageres turned out gorgeous, but the sheepskin chairs have taken on a life of their own. They are truly jaw-dropping and the softest, fluffiest things you will ever come across. I have gotten inquiries about them from all over the globe.

What was the biggest challenge?  

It’s always a challenge to design for a space that is shared by several people, i.e. Chriselle, her husband Allen, Chloe, Chloe’s nanny, and Mignon the Frenchie all live in these rooms on a daily basis. We wanted to be mindful of Allen and not over-glam, keep it kid friendly for Chloe and destruction tolerant for Mignon. Plus Chriselle’s family and in-laws are over frequently now with Chloe’s arrival so we needed to provide enough seating for everyone when the house is full. I think we managed to make everyone happy in the end, and that’s really most important.

How can our readers learn from this project and possibly incorporate some of what you did here in their own spaces?

  It’s possible to have an elegant space by infusing a few elements. The touches of brass, plush textures and overall soothing color palette created a lavish yet comfortable look without breaking the bank.

Where do you find inspiration for projects like these?  

I try to look beyond trends and what is current in magazines and think ahead of the times. I associate opulent living with travel; high-end hotels, jet-setting, cocktail in hand with a gorgeous tan. I look for color inspiration in metropolitan environments, like within modern artwork or historical places. Chriselle is somewhat of a Francophile so that was the driving force behind this project’s inspiration.

What’s the best design advice you’ve ever been given?  

My dad used to say to me, “do well or do not bother”. I try to live my life by those words and give anything I do everything I’ve got. It may not necessarily be design advice but it’s the best advice I’ve ever been given.

What is your favorite design advice to give?  

Besides hire a professional? I always encourage my clients to buy original artwork. It’s a good investment when wisely selected and makes your space that much more unique.