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White bedding

All-white bedding is the epitome of blogger chic. If all white isn’t your thing, make it as neutral as possible. Think grays, pastels, and soft prints as a last resort.

A pet

It doesn’t necessarily have to be your dog, but a dog really ups the ante. Extra points if it’s a French bulldog. Cute cats (and bunnies?!) work too.

Breakfast in bed

Having a tray large enough to hold your avocado toast, coffee, stainless steel accessories, and maybe even flowers, is the key to nailing the blogger-in-bed look.

Natural lighting

Having large windows will help you nail this look. A morning glow leaves light, airy shadows that harsh

overhead lighting

ruins. Soft, natural lighting is also a dream to wake up to, so if you can swing this IRL and find a bedroom with covetable windows, you’re winning.

Reading materials

Letting your followers (aka friends) know you’re reading a new book or staying up to date with current events (most likely by reading the New York Times) is important. New purchases—like chic shoes—and magazines are also acceptable.

Avoid being in the shot

Unless, of course, your S.O. is taking a shot of you under the covers hiding from Monday. Reaching for your coffee (if you have a chic mani and dainty rings) is also acceptable.

Take a vacation

Reality is, most bloggers are constantly traveling and staying in the most lavish hotels around the world. Their bedrooms are probably just as chic, but if you want access to the amenities of a blogger-like bed without actually purchasing, a vacation—or even a staycation—is your best bet.