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Styling is a very important aspect of interior design. What is the key to styling? In my opinion, strategic layering. For the entryway, I like to start with a nice statement piece. A metal console is large and yet won’t leave your entryway feeling crowded. Since it is open, I continue my styling strategy by adding a pretty ottoman.  It fills the space and allows for extra seating if needed. I then move on to artwork. Make sure you pick items that compliment or are similar to the size of your console. This large tribal print is perfect for the long console and sets the tone for the interior by making a bold statement. I always try to add a light source to brighten the ambience of a room. To finish, I always add a stack of books with something on top, perhaps a botanical or sculptural piece.

The key to styling is trial and error.  Add, step back, and edit. When it feels right to you, it will feel right in the room!