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by Tomikka Anderson

Leaves have fallen and the air is definitely crisp which means it’s beginning to look a lot like…. well cocktails. With the holidays season in full swing you might be tempted to host your very own soiree and reconnect with old friends before the New Year. If you live in a small space and not sure where to place your delish h’orderves or a well stocked bar we have the perfect options for you. Here are 10 tiny bar ideas that will be amazing for that upcoming holiday shindig in your studio.

Bar tray

This luxe bar tray can fit in any corner of your home and is easy to setup or take down for any special occasion.


The top of your credenza or entertainment center is the perfect location for an impromptu bar and has ample room for your glassware and small bites.

Side table

An old side or end table is a cost effective option for a bar. Be sure to leave your lamp or a small bouquet to add a unique touch and soften the look.

Secretary desk

A secretary desk can double as a classic workspace and a great home bar. In between parties and a future get-together you can store your bar behind the desk door.

Floating shelves and console

Have a pair of floating shelves in your living area? Take down your photos and decor accents to create a chic at home bar. If you happen to have a console add it beneath the shelves so your guest can mix their cocktails with ease.

Industrial bar cart

Still dying for a bar cart in your home? Try taking a different approach to this classic trend with an industrial cart.

High dining table

A high dining table like this one is a great alternative for styling a well stocked bar and serving as a dining space once the party is over.

Breakfast bar

Make the most of your breakfast bar by styling it with a cheese plate and several other cocktail options.

Marble slab

A marble slab is an ideal choice to display your bar or act as a serving board for any occasion.


Repurpose a plain book shelf like this one and create a home bar. With several shelves you can store cocktail options, glassware, and a few decor accents to compliment your space.