Published on May 15, 2021

Starting fresh can sound daunting at first, but textile designer Aelfie Oudghiri took it as an opportunity to grow her personal style with the construction and decoration of her contemporary Bridgehampton, New York, cottage. And with the goal in mind to cultivate a peaceful escape from her Brooklyn home base, Oudghiri quickly found her taste maturing in a way that allowed her to design a cozy space without compromising her bold style. Vibrant primary hues, geometric patterns, and eclectic trinkets from travels past fill the central bookshelf at the back of the house, letting visitors know right away that she isn’t shy about color or texture. In fact, bold color pairings are an Oudghiri specialty, as seen in her marigold, black, and white bathroom, and coral and royal purple guest bedroom.

Stacking With Purpose

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A bookshelf can be a focal point in a space, so make it count! Try sorting by color or stacking with purpose, displaying your favorite books facing out to show them off. Accessorize with patterned vases, personal tchotchkes, and plants—and even line the shelves with wallpaper for a bold effect. 

Fresh Color Pairings

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Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to stick to neutral beige and off-white hues. Instead choose primary colors as your base and build around them. Oudghiri’s favorite combos include: marigold and blue, hunter green and lilac, and coral and royal purple.

Blank Slate

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Designing a new home means starting from scratch, so if you’re having trouble knowing where to begin, opt for a fresh coat of white paint throughout your home. Your initial impulses and ideas may point you in the direction you need to go.