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Laura Mazurek, founder of blog and magazine, The Bohemian Collective, doesn’t believe in following design rules. In fact, her mantra lies more on the free-spirited side, which makes sense, given her penchant for the arts. “I have a design theory that if I love it, it fits!” the creative tells Domino. “I tend to lean toward earthy, bohemian finds, but I just know I found the right piece for a space when I see it.”

You can see this design mantra clearly when it comes to the unconventional way Mazurek has designed her porch—filled to the brim with eclectic furniture and a multitude of prints and patterns, the dreamy space serves as a wonderful escape from the humdrum of everyday life. “I love spending time outdoors, but living in Texas, it can get quite hot in the summertime,” says Mazurek. “So, I really wanted a space I could enjoy outdoors, but away from the blazing sun.”

The result? Well, while most people might just install some kind of ceiling covering to protect themselves from the heat and be done with it, Mazurek chose to also add a soft white macrame tent, surrounded by

woven accents

and dark hardwood as a base. The tent serves as a little nook that not only inspires creativity, but also a meaningful place where Mazurek can spend time with her toddler.

“I love having a covered space I can bring my crafts out to, read a book, watch the rain, or play with my toddler in. It’s definitely become a multi-functioning space that we use every day,” says Mazurek. Designed by fiber artist Diane Rudge, Mazurek calls it “the perfect nook for a tiny human.”

The other furniture pieces in the cozy patio each bring their own unique touch to the space. For instance, a rattan lounger—customized with soft velvet cushions—fits right in beside a handful of unique pots, plant stands, and other bohemian accessories. The wild peacock chair (a thrift store find) adds to the earthy feel of the space, and blends with the rest of the furniture cohesively.

At the heart of the space also lies a bench, which set the tone for the rest of the decor—given the fact that it was actually the first piece of furniture that Mazurek sourced, and has a logical reason behind it: “I knew I wanted a couch or bench that could get wet if some rain came in, somewhere I could lounge,” she says. She topped it off with accents in dark violets, bright oranges, and cheerful teals to add a blast of personality.

The wild patterns and textures serve as the base tying the entire space together. They’re all from the same color family, albeit a few (think reds, oranges, browns, beiges, and yellows), and the small number that aren’t make the furniture pop even more. The statement rug serves as the focal point, and sets the palette—”I fell in love with it the first time I saw it,” says Mazurek.

Mazurek’s favorite piece, however, is actually not what you’d expect: It’s none of the bigger pieces, but instead the blue mudcloth with white hands and geometric prints at the front of the space. Sourced from Stella Blue Gallery, it both provides sentimental value (“It reminds me of my mother,” says Mazurek) and makes a cheerful accessory. “I’m a bit macrame obsessed, and I love mixing

modern macrame

with vintage finds,” explains Mazurek. “I think when you have a feel for the things of things you love, they end up just flowing together.”

Fresh lighting makes each detail pop, from the accents in the macrame and knits to the patterns in the artwork and textiles—which is important, as Mazurek uses so many different elements to make up the space, from knit-covered planters and woven lanterns to carved details on the furniture and fresh, patterned throws and pillows. “Twinkle lights make everything better,” laughs Mazurek, who loves the relaxed vibe they create.

The patio’s dark hardwood base also holds a special significance to Mazurek. “The barnwood accent wall is the most special part of our porch,” she says. “My father was a carpenter, and he salvaged this wood when he was probably in his 20s or 30s from an old house he tore down. I have known for a few years now I wanted to do something special with it in honor of my dad.” The handcrafted artwork by Roaming Roots Woodworks completes the look, emphasizing the strong color palette with deep yellows and a stylish, geometric print.

“My favorite memory of this space is a combination of having it newly finished a few weeks before having our baby girl, and that feeling of anticipation and the memories that were soon to come,” says Mazurek. “When she was really tiny, I would put her in her bouncer, and sit and watch the rain with her, watching the enchantment in her eyes. Priceless.”

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