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The bohemian aesthetic was made for outdoor spaces. Richly colored textiles, textured woven furniture, plenty of plants, ambient lighting in the form of a lantern (or five). These are the hallmarks of a perfect patio setup. That said, there’s no one way to achieve this style. These porches, decks, and terraces prove just how versatile the layered look can be. Here’s how to bring boho vibes to our own backyard.

Pick a Bold Backdrop 

Not into vibrant color clashing? Opt for something equally statement making but less chaotic: a matte black wall. When complemented by patterned pillows and a rattan armchair, it feels contemporary and cool rather than dark and gloomy. 

Take Advantage of Every Available Surface

Maybe your “porch” isn’t so much a porch as it is a front stoop—that’s okay! Take notes from the bohemian style queen herself, Justina Blakeney, and maximize every nook and cranny. Here, a macramé hanging planter and a small fleet of potted plants on a window ledge help the tiny corner stand out. And can we just take a second to appreciate that gorgeous rug? 

Stay On-Scheme 

If you’re working with a larger space, keep it cohesive with color. Blogger Dabito opted for a base palette of blues, greens, and yellows, ensuring that no matter how many accent vases and throw pillows he layered on, nothing would look out of place. 

Bring the Indoors Out

A wood room divider. A vintage mirror. Swooping string lights. This patio blows the lid off what’s expected for outdoor decor, bringing traditionally indoor staples out. The patio more closely resembles a living room, with a cozy sofa and chairs that are oh so inviting. 

Take Inspiration From the Desert

Dip a toe in boho style with a more muted take. Here, Lindsay Hollinger’s Joshua Tree backyard plays on sunset hues and Southwestern motifs to create the ideal aperitivo spot. Bring on the rosé. 

Layer, Layer, Layer

This porch is a lesson in balance: simple furniture giving way to bold linens, lots of terracotta planters, and copious amounts of cacti and ferns spilling out of every crevice. The bamboo ceiling is a great way to reduce excess heat without totally blocking the summer sun. We want to spend all day curled up on that daybed with a good book

Focus on the Little Details

This space is really all about the special accessories; check out the weathered vintage door, twinkling string lights, and stack of round wicker ottomans. While the decor here is on point, we can’t help but notice that the homeowner has the most perfect backdrop to set the scene: a stunning backyard.

Add a Hammock

Resolve to make this summer the one when you finally get that amazing hammock you’ve been eyeing. This cream macramé option takes the place of a standard bench and is the epitome of cool. Lush plant life and hanging lanterns really drive this laid-back look home.

Don’t Neglect Your Walls

Whether it’s a colorful tapestry or a woven hanging basket, keep the interest going all the way up to the ceiling. The biggest takeaway from this porch? Curtains for the exterior of windows. Genius. 

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