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Everyone has a varied set of resolutions they make in the new year, and it should come as no surprise that many of team Domino’s are decor-related. While there are some trends that we personally won’t be resuscitating for 2018, there’s a lot we’re excited to try. Looking for some inspiration for your own home refresh? Here, the design projects and trends our editors are excited to tackle in the new year.


Kristin Limoges, Associate Lifestyle Editor

I really, really, really want to wallpaper my bedroom ceiling. It adds a pop of color and interest without the commitment of wallpapering your walls. The beauty editor in me is still to this day really loving the famous Voutsa Lips on Van Gogh Blue wallpaper. I mean, isn’t it still just so incredible?!

Photography by PATRICK CLINE

Anna Kocharian, Digital Editor

I have always been an avid minimalist but this year I’m all for going out of my comfort zone and experimenting with a bolder approach to design. Maximalism is a trend on the rise so I’ll be looking to incorporate more colors and prints within the all-white decor scheme I have going on.


Lahaina Alcantara, Photo Editor

My decor resolution for this year (or hopefully, this month) is to finally refinish the hand-me-down furniture I’ve saved and the pieces I’ve rescued from the office trash pile! I hate seeing usable things get taken to the landfill so I’m trying to do simpler updates, like adding a fresh coat of paint on older pieces to give them new life, instead of buying new items this year.

Photography by HAWKINS NEW YORK

Alyssa Clough, Social Media Editor

This year, I really want to add all the finishing touches to my apartment. The year prior, I spent all my time deciding and implementing the big stuff, like wall colors, new furniture, and a few DIY projects. It’s time to invest in the smaller, more decorative items that will (finally) finish the space!

A few examples are a Hawkins tray for knick knacks, some retro candlesticks for my dining room table, and a mirror to add to my

gallery wall

Photography by AARON BENGOCHEA

Elaina Sullivan, Style Editor

New Years celebrations for me included a move to a new apartment, and thus a fresh perspective on my design direction for 2018. Living in New York can be hectic, so my main goal was to create a chill space that inspires me and everyone who walks through the doors. The first order of business was to tackle the dark grey/purple walls, so I immediately painted every inch—doors, walls, and trim—in my go-to shade of white. Six coats later, the whole room felt super light and dreamy.

Next was the art, which for me is always the most important part of any space. My sister recently gave me a big beautiful print that she took last year of one of my favorite people so I let that set the overall mood. I covered an entire 15-foot wall with other favorite pieces. It feels fresh, modern and totally maximal—just the way I like it.

Since there’s a lot going on visually there, I pared down the rest of the room to just the essentials: a fluffy white bed with a minimal pink painting above, a wall of billowy linen curtains to cover the windows inspired by Ricardo Bofill’s home in Spain, and tons and tons of plants. It was a quick three-day makeover and the perfect way to start off a new year.

Tracy Cho, Executive Director of Marketing, Growth, and Analytics

I resolve to make my fridge look like one of those colorful Home Edit fridges and my cupboard be an ombre waterfall of glasses. Step 1: Buy produce and new glasses.

Photography by BEIJA FLOR

Jessica Dailey, Digital Editorial Director

I’m going to make my dingy rental kitchen feel less dingy. First, I’m going to repaint the walls with an easy-to-clean finish (planning on using Farrow & Ball’s Wevet so it matches the adjacent hallway) and cover the chipped tile flooring with a bright vinyl Moroccan-inspired runner from Beija Flor. I have my eye on this blue and white one.

Then I want to rethink my kitchen island, so it can accommodate a couple stools while still being used as much-needed counter space when cooking. I may also install a peel-and-stick backsplash, but the jury is still out on that one.

Photography by FRANCES TULK-HART

Nikhita Mahtani, Digital Editor

I want to learn how to properly invest in art—for example, what to look for, how to start an art collection, and how to arrange a gallery wall.


Elly Leavitt, Associate Digital Editor

I’m planning on moving out of my

tiny apartment

later this year (fingers crossed!), and am already plotting the design of my next space. Generally speaking, I’ve always been drawn to super clean looking, all-white spaces—however lately I’ve been obsessing over more unexpected color palettes. I’m definitely going to be implementing more contrast and color in 2018. Someone should stop me before I paint my kitchen bright red.

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