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Minimalism took over the design world in the last few years, permeating everything from tech to home goods, pushing the Marie Kondos out there into the spotlight. But we’re starting to see something radically different: prints and patterns and overflowing curated collections, curated in stylish, multi-layered looks. That’s right, maximalism is back.

Whether it’s artwork, books, or tchotchkes from worldly travels, acquiring meaningful pieces is a great way to show off one’s personality, and embracing maximalism helps drive that look home.

Here’s how to embrace the trend in style.

Start with print and pattern.

If you’re looking to try out maximalism but are unsure where to start, start with the textiles—selecting a few prints or patterns can really kickstart the design process. In this space, designer Rebecca De Ravenel carefully chose her fabrics, and you can tell: The simple striped chairs balance out the more playful design in the rug. The trick here is to select patterns with the same color story, but different motifs.

Bring in books.

Books are a stylist’s best friend, so to amp up the style in your space, load those shelves up. Filling floor-to-ceiling shelving with your favorite novels provides your space with the perfect backdrop, and you can even mix up spine colors for a playful vibe.

Go bold with your sofa.

To get your space in the right direction, select a striking sofa. Choose a bold style and add some pillows that clash a bit—then, your room will have serious staying power.

Consider every corner.

If you’re looking to take this trend to the next level, think about filling every single corner with flair—from bold rugs to colorful curtains—like designer Kristin Jackson did here. Style all your surfaces with your favorite trinkets, and pick pillows that pop.

Kick up the color.

If there’s one thing all maximalist spaces have in common, it’s color—they’re bold, bright, and beautiful. This space styled by Justina Blakeney embraces color and pattern, both on the walls and in the many curated textiles.

Definitely add art.

Every maximalist knows how art can totally transform a space. Anna Spiro filled these walls with floor-to-ceiling pieces, and you should take note: Covering your walls with artwork shows you’re committed to the look.

Try something new.

If you are prone to selecting grey linen sofas, think outside the box. Try a rich red velvet, like Miles Redd. If you typically steer clear of animal print, embrace it. If you are used to decorating your walls sparsely, consider loading them up. The best way to embrace a new movement in design is to get yourself outside of your comfort level. Switch things up and look forward to loving your new space.

Wow with wallpaper.

Wallpaper has always been an excellent medium to share print and pattern. Line your walls with this look by Miles Redd. You can still place art over top to really drive this bold style home. The more your eye has to look at, the better.

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