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The ’70s are alive and well at the new Casa Perfect house in Los Angeles, the fourth concept home designed by contemporary gallery the Future Perfect. We get why founder David Alhadeff says it’s his favorite space yet: The 1971 property, now filled with the company’s assortment of ultra-modern furnishings, is virtually untouched otherwise—tan brick walls, bifold closet doors, popcorn ceilings, and all. 

We know: If most of us were tackling a makeover like this, these dated features would be the very first things we’d rip out. But not Alhadeff. He decided to spotlight—not scrap—them, and the result is surprisingly modern. If you come across these three details in a fixer-upper, don’t kick them to the curb.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

If it’s a bold hue, embrace it by creating unexpected color pairings. The fiery orange chairs in the dining room (pieces from the new Wonky collection) bring out the terracotta tone of carpeting that flows throughout the home, making it look totally fresh. 

Vertical Blinds

Photography by Liz Mundle; Design by The Future Perfect

Photography by Liz Mundle; Design by The Future Perfect

No sad, corporate office vibes here. These unassuming floor-to-ceiling panels create graphic stripes on every surface in the living area, like Sam Accocceberry’s Rough Dining Table, when the sun hits them.

Tiled Counters

Photography by Liz Mundle; Design by The Future Perfect

Dubbed the worst kitchen trend of the past 50 years, tiled countertops have a long way to go if they want to be considered cool again. Here’s a move in the right direction: Introduce sculptural ceramic fixtures, such as Cathrine Raben Davidsen’s True Blue lamp, and you’ll forget about the bumps. You don’t need a sledgehammer, just a new outlook. 

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