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A ’70s-Inspired Bedroom Makeover That’s Modern, Fresh, and Pink!

Inside photographer Caroline Lee's rad bedroom redesign.
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When photographer Caroline Lee enlisted the help of stylist (and friend) Anne Sage for a bedroom makeover, there was a single stipulation: to make her ’70s dreams come true. The result was an almost exclusively-pink space filled with a mix of vintage items, high-low furnishings, and even a little DIY! We caught up with Sage to get the ultimate scoop on Lee’s ’70s-inspired bedroom makeover. Take a look!

What prompted this makeover? 

Caroline’s aesthetic had evolved considerably since she last decorated her bedroom. She wanted something that felt richer, more intentional, and more sophisticated—but something that still incorporated her love of color and irreverent accents.

What is your favorite part of the design? 

I love the tone-on-tone combination of the marbled fabric curtains against the sumptuous pink of the walls. The result of that pairing is that the room feels like it’s vibrating!

What is something you had to compromise on when it came to the decor? 

I wouldn’t say we compromised on anything—we knew the parameters of the space and our vision going into the project and did a great job working within those! That said, the room is quite small, so we did work to keep the decor simple and uncluttered. With all that color and pattern, we didn’t need much else to make an impact!

What was the aesthetic you were going for?

Lately, both Caroline and I are super inspired by ’70s and ’80s design, with chubby, homely furniture silhouettes and the ‘so bad it’s good’ color palettes. Our goal was to explore new possibilities within that sensibility, while also maintaining a sense of fun!

Symmetry has its time and place, but in keeping with Caroline’s eclectic taste I went for mismatched lamps that still feel related by their similar shapes. As for the nightstands themselves, they’re a pink, striated marble that offers a 2017 update on the white marble we’ve all been loving the past few years!

We found the fabric for this chair before we found the frame! On an exploration trip to the LA garment district, Caroline fell in love with this burnt orange velvet and knew she wanted to incorporate it into the bedroom’s redesign somehow. She found the frame for free on Craigslist and had an upholsterer give it new, velvet-y life!

Bedroom splurge: 

That brass mesh magazine holder is such a show-stopper; it absolutely makes that corner!

Get To Know Anne!

Soundtrack for getting things done:

Bach in the morning, Bastille in the afternoon, Bieber at night, and Brubeck in the wee hours.

This room in three words: 

Sumptuous, eccentric, and unexpected.

Best part of my job: 

The creative problem-solving that it requires! I especially love mixing high-end and low-end to create accessible design inspiration that anyone can implement at home.

This space is inspired by: 

Mrs. Roper from ‘Three’s Company’, because anyone who can rock a caftan that hard deserves a bedroom designed in her honor!

Color scheme I’m currently coveting: 

Black and army green with a swipe of lipstick red.

If I weren’t a 


I’d be a 


I’m 10 times more productive when

I schedule my work time down to the minute, and when I schedule my downtime…and actually take it!

My lunch routine consists of 

big salads and conference calls.

Caroline and I are both huge fans of the photographer Stephanie Vovas, whose style and subject matter aligns perfectly with the louche ’70s vibe of the space. When she gave us some postcards of her images, I knew they’d be perfect as a casual—almost haphazard—art installation on the wall!

Cairo Burl wood frame available at

Fun Fact: The bedspread was designed by Caroline’s husband Jayden. He’s a talented artist and illustrator (among many other things!) and he created it as a nod to Australia, where much of the couple’s family lives. It’s such a special, personal touch, and so stylish too!


Bedroom Design Anne Sage x Caroline Lee


Paint Sherwin Williams Romance (walls), Olympic Sweet Spiceberry (ceiling)

Marble Side Tables and Lamps Target

Blush Sheets Parachute Home

Koala Bedspread Custom by Jayden Lee

Rug Coco Carpets

Velvet Chair Craigslist find


Pillows, Vase, and Magazine Holder BoConcept

Drapes Marbled Stripe Fabric in Blush by Rebecca Atwood

Three Postcard Prints Stephanie Vovas