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Remember MTV Cribs? Undeniably, the best part of each episode was when the star opened their refrigerator to reveal all their food (and a few surprising snacks) organized in perfectly neat rows. On that note, we’ve scouted some of the best refrigerator #shelfies out there, hoping to inspire you to clean and organize your fridge this fall. Toss out those summery snacks and stock up on fresh finds from your local harvest, then streamline your fridge organization until it’s practically begging to be photographed. Trust us, your family, roommates and Instagram followers will thank you.

Why didn’t we think of this? With a dry erase marker, write categories on each drawer of the fridge for easy organization. Hello, genius.

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She’s got an affinity for Greek yogurt, and we can totally relate. Organize those individual cups in neat stacks for easy access when you need a quick snack.

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Just the bare necessities, please. Keeping your fridge less cluttered will remind you to eat what you’ve got at home before running out to the grocery store or neighborhood restaurant for dinner.

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Rosé? Check. Face mist? Check. Beer and watermelon? Check, check. Looks like they’ve got this outdoor entertaining thing down pat.

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There’s nothing like a fridge full of fresh fruits and veggies to inspire a little clean eating or a new juice cleanse.

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A separate refrigerator just for drinks? File this one under “Dream House Necessities,” please.

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Pink, white, and perfectly pretty. That’s what this fabulous (and minimal!) little fridge is made of.

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Even when full of a whole month’s worth of food for the family, this refrigerator deserves a gold star. Plastic bins allow for easy stacking to stow away a few week’s worth of groceries.

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A little color coding’s never hurt anybody. We’re swooning over this fridge, organized in neat columns by color!

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Even while hosting a party, your refrigerator should be pristine. You never know who’s going to take a peek inside… or pop that champagne.

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This fridge has got us wishing we went to the gym this morning. A health kick can always start tomorrow… right?

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Ditch the fluff in your fridge With Terra’s Kitchen’s premade, mail-order meals, you too can have this perfectly organized refrigerator!

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We’re really digging beet-colored recipes these days. How gorgeous is that pop of purple in this sublimely streamlined fridge?

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An organized fridge full of fresh produce can encourage your littlest ones to eat well, too. The next lesson? Teach them to share their yummy snacks with us!

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White perforated bins allow for easy storage and access to your goods, while also concealing the mess if it gets a bit cluttered in there.

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Another key to perfect organization is the use of plastic containers that are perfectly fitted for your fridge’s shelves.

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Whipping up a week’s worth of meal prep doesn’t mean you have to cram your fridge full! Stack your meals in orderly piles for easy access when you’re running out the door and late for work.

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If you’ve got more liquids than your refrigerator door can hold, try organizing them in clear rectangular baskets. That way, you don’t have to shuffle through all the bottles to find that tiny bottle of hot sauce.

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Storing wine bottles horizontally in racks allows you to stack several at a time! You know, just for your “I’m not drinking alone, I’m with my cat” kind of nights.

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