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Photography by JUST JUICE

We are all for adding a bit more color to our lives – whether it be an interior or a dinner party menu, is irrelevant. Sourcing a natural method for dyeing the things we eat can be difficult, save for a select number of fruits, vegetables, or spices. This season, we’ve got our eyes on one rather saturated veggie whose bold color is simply unparalleled: beets. The amazing thing about beets is that even the smallest portion has the power to completely transform a dish with a vibrant twist. Read on for a few of our favorite, beet-dyed recipes!


the basics

The first step to naturally coloring food is to make the dye. Get the recipe for making beet juice food coloring on Back to Her Roots.


pink sunrise breakfast smoothie

We can’t think of a better way to start the day. This refreshing blend features a healthy mix of beets, citrus, and summer berries.

Get the recipe on Cafe Johnsonia.


red velvet cake with goat cheese thyme icing

In red velvet cake, the reaction between the cocoa powder and vinegar yields the signature red tint, often accentuated with the addition of red food coloring. In this recipe, a beet puree makes for a healthy alternative to the artificial variety.

Get the recipe on the Free People Blog.


beet-dyed deviled eggs

A brunch classic is reinvented with a bold punch of color, naturally derived from beets! We will take our deviled eggs with a soft pink exterior from now on.

Get the recipe here.


homemade beet pasta

Pasta is a whole lot more fun in pink, wouldn’t you say? Beets coupled with eggs and flour result in this saturated dish!

Get the recipe on Delicious Shots.

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honey and beet frozen yogurt

Consider this your guilt-free treat for summer. With just five simple ingredients, this frozen concoction features a unique blend of beet puree and sea salted honey.

Get the recipe on My Diary of Us.


beet-dyed frosting

Next time you find yourself short of food coloring for any sort of baking project, go with the natural alternative! Use beet juice to impart frosting with a much-needed pop of color.

Get the scoop and recipe for this ombre frosting on domino!

Photography by BAKERSROYALE

beet crust pizza

You’ve tried everything from the gluten free crust to the cauliflower crust, but this is one no pizza enthusiast should miss. Comprised of a unique combo of beets, flour, and honey, we would be hard-pressed not to recreate this utterly picture-perfect crust. Top with a slew of fresh summer finds such as asparagus, tomatoes, and pesto!

Get the recipe on Bakers Royale.


roasted beet ravioli with goat cheese and herbs

Beet puree transforms an ordinary plate of ravioli into a deliciously elevated offering. Filled with a goat cheese and ricotta mix, this blend is a must-try!

Get the recipe on Bakeaholic Mama.


red beet gnocchi with meyer lemon pesto

Similar to that of a typical pasta, this delectable recipe utilizes a sweet beet puree to transform ordinary gnocchi with a bold color play. The added touch of flavor doesn’t hurt either! Top with a zesty lemon pesto to serve.

Get the recipe on What’s Cooking Good Looking.

Photography by STUDIO DIY

bright and natural food coloring

Psst! It’s not always about the red! Golden beets paired with turmeric powder can lend a natural hint of yellow to just about any dish. Much like these frosted cookies!

Get the scoop (plus the recipe for these naturally-dyed and frosted sugar cookies!) on Studio DIY.


mini lemon sour cream pound cakes with beet glaze

It may just be us, but we are rather partial to

beet dye

over the artificial variety – it yields a much more developed and vibrant color tone. Case in point? These mini lemon pound cakes, which come frosted in a beet-dyed glaze that is pure perfection.

Get the recipe on Hummingbird High.

Photography by LEPASSEVITE

roasted beet hummus

Upgrade your midday snack with this beet-dyed take on the classic hummus. Pairs well with just about any dippable veggie or chip.

Get the recipe on Le Passe Vite.

Photography by 10THKITCHEN

beet bread with cream cheese and dill swirl

Pink bread? We can’t say no to that! This clever recipe features a savory cream cheese and dill swirl, which further elevates the dish.

Get the recipe on 10th Kitchen.

Photography by BABBLE

beet-dyed eggs

Dyed eggs aren’t just an Easter treat. We are all for livening up our standard brunch menu with the addition of this vibrant variety.

Get the scoop on Babble.


beet bagels with whipped blue cheese

A breakfast staple is transformed in a vibrant color with the addition of a beet juice puree. Garnished with poppy seeds and smeared with an herb-mixed whipped blue cheese, this blend is too good to miss.

Get the recipe on Club Narwhal.

Photography by GATHERANDDINE

cinnamon beet rolls

Cinnamon rolls and beets may have very little in common, but there is no denying the delectable nature of this unusual pairing.

Get the recipe on Gather and Dine.