elevated kid food grownups can totally eat in public

kid table food, adult table twists.

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Peanut Butter & Jelly We can’t believe we never thought to add peanut butter and jelly into the buttery, flakey layers of a croissant. We sense a new frequent craving coming…

Fish Sticks Essentially a less-guilty, baked version of fish-n-chips, we wouldn’t be surprised if these crunchy, satisfying fish stick-esque noms become a weekly thing.

Mac-n-Cheese Pumpkin and beer as additions to this comfort classic might not delight the little ones much, but anyone old enough to know better will devour this rich, cozy dish in an instant.

Grilled Cheese While the classic application of American cheese between buttered and grilled bread will always hold a place in our hearts, we’re adults–we can do better. This is our better. Gouda, berry jam, prosciutto, come on now…

Pancakes Whether you’re four, 14, or 54, pancakes are quite simply the best. Add ricotta, banana, chocolate chips, and chia, and this stack offers up a lot more than just a chance to eat something with maple syrup.

Chicken Tenders We would be remiss without a chicken tenders mention. This recipe is gluten free, and incorporates coconut, adding a completely new layer of flavor to this universally loved classic.

Chicken Noodle Soup Being a little under the weather was always easier when Mom’s chicken soup was around. This perfected version makes its canned brethren hide in shame.

Cake Forget your boxed mixes and cans of too-sweet frosting. This lavender and lemon cake elevates a sweet staple into something adults (and kids with well-informed taste buds!) will cherish.

Pizza One of the best parts of making it to adulthood is the ability to eat pizza whenever you want–especially for breakfast. One of our favorite fun weekend breakfasts is a pizza full of fresh veggies, cheese, and eggs cracked right on top.

Brownies You wouldn’t think it to look at them, but these brownies, in addition to being mostly all-edge, have a spicy cayenne kick inside that makes them distinctly delicious to grown-ups.

Egg In The Hole This beloved breakfast, once a treat during family camping trips and lazy Sunday mornings, gets a new sophistication by finding its home nestled in the ring of an acorn squash.