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Photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK | Styled By Kate Berry

Carnation Eggs

Create a wow-worthy centerpiece by pairing a crafting foam egg with sweet carnations. If you can’t find an egg-shaped foam block, opt for a rectangular one and simply carve out the egg shape, with the exclusion of the base, leaving a straight edge so that the egg can be propped up on the table. Don’t worry about achieving a straight curve, the florals will cover it up!

We headed out to the flower market to gather carnations that came in a variety of shades, to achieve an ombre finish. Get creative with your color or floral pairings, and mix and match to your heart’s content.

Once you’ve settled on a color palette, snip the stems of the flowers so that they’re short enough to fit comfortably within the foam egg. Begin by arranging the flowers at the base of the foam egg, working your way towards the top. Once the entirety of the egg is covered, it’s ready for the table.

Photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK | Styled By Kate Berry

Spray-Painted Florals

We’re all for fresh florals or the traditional bouquet, but every once in a while, we craving an arrangement that’s a little more out-of-the-box. Case in point? These spray-painted beauties, which undoubtedly steal the spotlight of this mod Easter table. The highlight of this DIY is the fact that you can purchase a ready-made bouquet from the florist and split it up along the table.

We opted for lengthy eucalyptus leaves and filtered in a few compact palm leaves and filler florals. Settle on a specific color palette, and in a well-ventilated area, spray paint the flowers in the hues of your choice. We mixed and matched a series of pinks, yellows, and an accented red. Once dried, designated the flowers in small clusters, set within an understated vase and placed along the center of the dining table.


The Wheatgrass Display

For those who find themselves in a bind for a last-minute arrangement, this one’s for you! Wheatgrass makes for an excellent medium and base for a centerpiece. Section off a chunk of the grass and set it on a serving platter or plate. Fill the wheatgrass with delicate florals, eggs you’ve already dyed for the day, or head to the farmers’ market and pick out an eclectic grouping of organic eggs – not limited to those of just chickens! It’s a quick and easy display that’ll surely wow.