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Get in the colorful spirit of the season with this gorgeous centerpiece, which you can easily DIY! Get the scoop here.


Photography by CORBIN GURKIN

A show-stopping centerpiece calls for bold textures, vibrant colors, and a diverse assortment of freshly picked flowers.


Eclectic and uneven floral arrangements are a major trend in florals this year! Get the scoop on styling your own here.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Pair an understated vase with a minimalist posy of wildflowers for a whimsical and dreamy arrangement.

Photography by LESLEY UNRUH

Repurpose household items into vases! We’re taking style cues from this oversized teacup that’s ideal for housing a freshly picked bunch of spring florals.

Photography by PEACHES AND MINT

This chic setup proves that less is not always more. Arrange a cluster of bud vases on a vintage tray and fill with stray strands for a bountiful effect.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Ordinary spring flowers paired with vases of an eye-catching pattern can elevate even the most modest of arrangements.

Photography by MYDOMAINE

A captivating bunch of blush-toned tea roses and peonies extend a touch of modern elegance and sweet simplicity. Gather a handful of fallen petals at the base of the centerpiece for a truly effortless effect.

Photography by VANG MIKKEL

Pair light-hued florals with sprigs of eucalyptus to create a delicate yet striking arrangement that will complement just about any table setting.


Top a neutrally-toned table runner with bright green fillers and a variety of fresh fruit. Pair the display with bowls of similar fruit and slice a handful of them in half to diversify the mix.

Photography by 100 LAYER CAKE

Create a dynamic centerpiece display by gathering a handful of thematic elements within a basic tray. This Moroccan-inspired arrangement features a mini ornate lantern, a couple of vases of blush-toned peonies, a tea light votive, and a camel figurine. Bright orange kumquats lend a pop of color and the perfect finishing touch to the display.

Photography by EMMA HARRIS

Deconstruct the typical supermarket bouquet to create smaller posies of a comparable effect. Instill a dynamic tone to the centerpiece by opting for vases in a variety of lengths and sizes.

Photography by BRIT MORIN

A wispy bunch of white wildflowers and bright green fillers lend an elevated touch to the rustic planters, extending the effect to the clean cut table settings with an inspired contrast.

Photography by Wendy Laurel Photography

You can’t go wrong with pineapples that double as centerpieces and favors for guests. Attach little name cards to each pineapple, designating who it will be going home with!

Photography by EHOW

Natural cotton branches in sea glass blue bottles make for quite the alluring centerpieces. Complement the look with a whitewashed table setting, fresh linens, and rattan accents.


It hardly gets easier than a wooden box paired with lemons. This colorful bunch is both fragrant and refreshingly clever!

Photography by HOMEDIT

Brown bottles coupled with bright green and white flowers create a chic and style-worthy display for the outdoor, spring table.

Photography by LOVE INC

Cacti paired with bright pink vases are a must for your next gathering! The unspoken contrast between the subdued color and the needle-pointed cacti make for one dynamic centerpiece.

Photography by HOMEDIT

Upcycle a vintage vessel to display flowers in lieu of the standard vase. Pair the base with an overly abundant arrangement to balance out the contrasting styles.

Photography by OC STYLE REPORT

Use bronze or copper plated vessels to cover up the typical centerpiece for an added touch of glam.

Photography by COLIN COWIE

Who said centerpieces had to entail flowers? We’d take a loaded cheeseboard as drool-worthy as this over florals (almost!) any day.

Photography by natalie bowen designs

Something as simple as a single olive branch placed within a glass bottle can have quite the impact on a table. Complement this centerpiece with a basic spread and crisp, white linens.

Photography by THE TRAVEL TESTER

Gather all your favorite needle-pointed desert flowers and mini cacti into an oversized basin of a vibrant color tone. This bold display is a must for the outdoor table.

Photography by Natalie Watson Photography

For the centerpiece that doubles as a table number take a laid-back approach by setting numbered water bottles amidst a scattered bunch of filler greens.

Photography by ktmerry

A fragrant bunch of fresh lavender inspire a carefree aesthetic to the rustic table. Place the small vases housing the flowers within a wooden crate and loosely wrap them in a naturally textured fabric.


Pair single stems of peonies with delicate vases or bottles and create an eclectic cluster of a colorful variety.


Lay strands of eucalyptus leaves along the length of the table for a fragrantly chic and easy centerpiece. Filter in candleholders and candle sticks to complete the look.