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Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Whether you’re cozied up in the Northeast or still enjoying the abundant sunshine that Southern California offers, autumn is a time where you can enjoy the luscious colors the season delivers. Rather than sticking to your traditional floral routine, switch it up this fall and introduce different botanical elements to fill your space with rich colors and an overall aesthetic that will have you feeling as if you’re a star in the classic Richard Gere movie, Autumn in New York.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Carly Cylinder, the author of The Flower Chef: A Modern Guide to Do-It-Yourself Floral Arrangements and owner of Flour LA. Carly shared with us her top three picks for easily bringing romantic fall florals into your home and gave us some tips on presenting them in a way that adds texture and depth to your space. We then paired each bouquet with our favorite vintage vases from Krrb Classifieds—per her suggestions— in order to showcase the beauty of each arrangement.

Photography by Sara Clark

Magnolia Leaves

These create a woodsy look indoors and are instantly lush with their thick, full leaves. With a shade of brown on one side, and green on the other, you create an androgynous look by using a glass vase.

Photography by krrb

Glass vase found on Krrb Classifieds 

Photography by Sara Clark

Pepperberry Bushels

Pepperberry works well for whimsical arrangements that require a lot of texture. They’re great to brighten up a space and create a lively atmosphere. They work well against a glass or light-colored ceramic vase. They’re also beautiful when paired with pink or violet hued flowers.

Photography by krrb

To add some modern flair, pair the Pepperberry with a mid-century vase to toughen up the otherwise, soft look.

Mid-century vases found on Krrb Classifieds

Photography by Sara Clark

Curly Willow

This is a year-round staple that looks beautiful fresh or dried. Use 2-3 bunches to create an impactful, understated look. They work well in dark, sleek vases for something fresh and modern.

Photography by krrb

A vintage-inspired vase brings character to the modern feel of the dried bushel. 

Vintage black vase found on Krrb Classifieds