These Decor Trends Will Be Everywhere in 2018

Plus, what’s going out of style in the new year.

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We might already know about the colors we’ll see trending in 2018—hello, Ultra Violet—but what about the non-paint related decor trends?

Enter a panel of design experts, hand-picked by the team at Trulia. The Trulia Design Panel consists of designers and professional organizers alike who’ll be providing well-rounded advice and expertise on the trends we’ll be seeing in the industry. Their insight into the 2018 trend predictions are particularly useful for anyone looking to increase the value of one’s house before it hits the market in the new year… and given that we know Americans are feeling more positive about selling, this could very well be the case for you.

Among the trends going out of style in 2018? Exposed lighting, granite countertops, and bohemian tapestries. Reclaimed wood is also evidently soon to be passé—which

hannah crowell

of design firm Crowell & Co. is particularly happy to see go. “I live in the South, where it seems everywhere you turn, you see barn wood on a wall or fabricated into furniture. I am happy to let the farm animals take back their wood, and for us to move on along,” says Crowell.

Another wood material to nix in the new year? Bamboo—but only as it pertains to flooring. While designer David Charette of Britto Charette maintains that bamboo still works well elsewhere—such as when it’s applied vertically for lockers at a spa—he’s glad to see it leave our floors in 2018.

“When used as flooring, [bamboo] becomes monotonous, and it doesn’t have the variation that wide-plank wood floors can achieve,” explains Charette. “It looks flat, lacks visual interest, and can even look fake and waxy if you aren’t careful.”

But perhaps the most surprising trend the panel foreshadows the death of is DIY organizational products. Citing a return to professional solutions, the team says we’ll be seeing less of these at-home projects—but just in case you want to get a few final DIYs in before the end of the year, check out our bucket list.

As for what we can expect to make the rounds on Pinterest and Instagram? The results generally lean more toward the bold, colorful side—with the exception of minimalism, which is purportedly not going anywhere anytime soon.

From patterns on patterns to strong accent rugs, expect more statement-making interiors in 2018. This might even come in the form of wallpaper, which the panel specifically calls out as enjoying a resurgence of popularity in the new year.

“Homeowners are embracing bold patterns and colors again in wall coverings, but they are being more judicious with it—using it as an accent instead of in a heavy-handed manner,” says Charette.

Crowell agrees: “You just cannot go wrong with wallpaper. I love to design a bathroom with a vibrant print on the walls, and mix it with a fun, patterned tile on the floor for a little pattern play whimsy. Wallpaper can get pricey, so focus on small spaces, like a powder room or the wall behind a bed. It makes such a huge statement!”

graphic wallpaper
Photography by CODY GUILFOYLE


retro trend

coming back is high-gloss lacquer on the walls, which Crowell says was actually the most surprising comeback from the list.

“The high gloss lacquered wall trend surprises me the most, but in the happiest of ways!” says the designer. “We have been living in a phase of all white walls—one I am guilty of myself—so when I have a client willing to go bold with a lacquered wall, it’s such an exciting departure from stark white.”

But the final trend to look out for in 2018 is possibly the most quintessentially 2018 trend out there: “Instagram-ready” decor. Unexpected, yet beautiful pieces that photograph well will be making waves next year, in order to accommodate the growing culture of influencers that democratize design via social networking apps. And as it happens, this last trend is a favorite of Layne Brookshire’s, the founder of Ms. Placed Professional Organizing.

“It’s a great concept that can help consumers create intentional boundaries about what they bring into their home,” explains the organizing expert. “Just because something is discounted or was given to you by family or friends, that doesn’t mean it’s a fit for your home. So, reminding yourself of the idea that everything could be a photo opp will help you narrow down a design that’s right for you and your space.”

modern living room Instagram decor

David Charette has a few ideas on just how to go about implementing this last trend.

“Have fresh-cut, real flowers in white—like orchids or hydrangeas—and place them in simple, clear cylindrical vases. Keep a stack of hardcover coffee table books—like ones from publishers Taschen, Assouline, and Phaidon—on hand, and remove their jackets to expose bold colors. Accent pillows are an easy addition too, but make sure they’re made of luxurious material, and have luster so that they photograph well,” he says. “Lastly, never take a photo with your television in view. Technology needs to be subservient to the design—never the focus of it. It’s all about curating your room.”

And with this in mind, excuse us while we go wallpaper our homes, donate our old tapestries, and begin washing everything in millennial pink accents.

Read the full report online at Trulia.

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