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This year, it seemed like there was no escaping the millennial pink trend—not that we wanted to. The color was popping up everywhere; we saw it on walls, upholstery, tile and more. As the year winds down, there are a few subtle hints of a new color trend in the making. Soft purple, or lilac, is a shade we are starting to see creep into homes. Slowly but surely, this color is coming through in various ways.

If you are a tad bit nervous about bringing a new shade into you space, start small. You can choose a lilac-colored ceramic vase. Perhaps a pair of light purple pillows will liven up your space—or you can participate in the trend with an abstract piece of artwork.

This is a sophisticated color. This lilac shade is begging to be surrounded by high-end furniture and décor, as designer Amanda Reid has done. Accent your space with touches of gold. These metallic hints support this soft shade well. If you are looking for a mature twist on a pastel color, lilac is for you.

Do you choose your wall color according to trends? If so, get your paint roller ready. While we do not suggest that you quickly cover those blush walls, maybe it is time to reconsider the beige. Slap on some lilac to lighten up your room. This fresh shade is sure to add some interest to your space.

Photo by Jonas Ingerstedt

Stop playing coy. Quit it with the tiny touches of lilac. If you love this color, kick it up a notch. Splash this shade on the sofa. Rub it all over the rug. Wash it on the walls. This room is far from fearful; it embraces the lilac trend in a way that is in your face and over the top. If you want to soak in this interior inspiration, visit The Grand Hotel Oslo, designed by Ole Sverre.

While we may steer you clear of liking lilac in your kitchen, we will talk you into trying it in your bathroom. These cabinets are killing the design game. Mixed with brass, the color palette is seriously chic. Designer Tara Fingold captured some whimsical magic in this bathing space.

This is certainly a sweet shade to try in your newborn’s space. This tone is soft and subtle—it almost reads as a neutral, as shown by designer and stylist Lena Lidman.

If this shade is looking a little soft for you, pair it with a stronger tone. This pastel shade is easily energized by a bold navy. This pairing, while unexpected, is fierce.

Hear us out. Your dining room is the right place to try a trend, especially if you have wainscoting. You only need to dip your toes in, by painting above the chair rail. This shade is perfectly balanced by the more bohemian vibes of the rug and chairs.

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