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Linoleum gets a bad rap. In renovations, it’s the first thing to go, generally dismissed as a dated feature—which is why when we saw one of our favorite creatives touting a fresh take, we were instantly intrigued. Swedish photographer (and general source of color inspo) Tekla Severin recently shared a peek at her new checkerboard olive and lilac floors—and surprisingly they are crafted from the once-taboo material.

Or so it would appear. The floors are actually covered in Forbo’s Marmoleum, a 100 percent sustainable product made from raw, natural materials like flaxseed and upcycled wood. There’s even a renter-friendly option you can install sans glue, Marmoleum Click. Get ready to revamp your apartment without the headache of a remodel.

Our favorite part is how many different colors and finishes are available. Between marbled and solid textures, it’s a real opportunity to mix and match your dream floor, or at the very least reinvent the checkered style in happier hues. Here’s where we would start:

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