Photography by Brittany Ambridge photo by James Morgan

In 1999, Natane Boudreau knew the time was right to invest in a home of her own. When she
first saw this bright and airy two-bedroom, the New York City native (she grew up on
Manhattan’s Upper West Side) recognized something special in its interior. “I fell in love
with the windows and the way they shape the space,” she says. And despite being in the
heart of the West Village, the apartment offers Boudreau a cozy retreat from urban bustle.
“It’s so quiet and peaceful,” she says. “It feels like I have my own brownstone.”

Photography by Brittany Ambridge
Photography by Brittany Ambridge photography by Phillip Faraone via Getty Images | Illustration by madeline montoya

With the help of designer Milly de Cabrol, the apartment was carefully stocked with pieces
that channel its owner’s distinctive tastes. “I was looking to infuse Natane’s cool, city-savvy
personality into her interior,” de Cabrol recalls. “We used gradient shades of gray with splashes of bright pink and teal to reflect her own developing, but strong, sense of aesthetic.”

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Frequent shopping trips to Connecticut antique shops resulted in the amassing of a sizable collection of vintage furnishings, including a rare Venetian mirror and the art deco marble dining table that serves as the home’s centerpiece.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Walls were then hung with modern art and fashion photography. “I wanted my surroundings to
feel deep, layered, and soulful,” Boudreau says, “but with nods to iconic pop culture elements.”

Photography by Brittany Ambridge
Photography by Brittany Ambridge