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Lacking a green thumb? This Beth Hoeckel Terrarium collage is just as good as the real thing – and even better as an accent piece for the bare wall.

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[Updated 2/26/2017]

When your decor aesthetic errs towards the minimalist spectrum, a busy wallpaper can easily make up for a lack in the decor variety, This leafy print has us vying for spring!

Paradise is only a flight away, in the meantime, we’ll settle for this neon sign instead. It sure makes for a vibrant accent for the tired workspace.

Cheeky wall signs for the win! Create a mood board or wall collage, and mix in a witty textural piece for good measure.

For the minimalist at heart, a saturated color block on the wall is surely the way to go. Pair it with a statement plant for good measure.

Dress the walls of a reading nook with art, mirrors, sconces, or all of the above!

Pair a graphic wallpaper with a subdued floor paint to inspire a charismatic touch of character to a streamlined staircase.

When it comes to the bathroom, opt for a decorative accent that’s also functional, much like this sleek ladder shelf.

This trellis-patterned plant structure challenges the conventional

indoor planter

with its geometrically chic composition.

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An oversized mirror can lend a much more refined element to a living room, especially for one that shies away from color.

Pair a

gallery wall

with a bench-turned-shelf filled with books and various textured elements. This will lend a three-dimensional effect to the wall, instilling a greater sense of depth within the room.

Install a floating shelf and fill it with an eclectic mix of personal paraphernalia and fragrant blooms.

Leave the walls blank and instead distract the eye with a saturated hue around the window frame.

Opt for a vibrantly patterned cut of fabric or an exotic rug to inspire color in an all-white space.

Regardless of the size – or lack thereof – of your closet, bring out a few of your most prized items for display on a chic, copper clothing rack.