before & after: a swoon-worthy seattle townhouse

Beth Dotolo, of Pulp Design Studios + Pulp Home, takes us on a tour of her recent project in West Seattle. Explore the before & after journey of this gorgeous space below!

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Beth Dotolo, of Pulp Design Studios + Pulp Home, takes
us on a tour of her recent project in West Seattle. Explore
the before & after journey of this gorgeous space below!

Tell us a little about yourself. What does Pulp Design Studios offer?I am the Co-Owner and Principal Interior Designer of Pulp Design
Studios. My partner, Carolina V Gentry, and I founded our boutique
interior design firm in 2007, based in Dallas and Seattle, specializing in
residential and boutique commercial interiors. Carolina and I work
together closely to take an individualized approach to each project.
Our clients get highly tailored service that meets their personal needs
to create a space that is more beautiful than they could have imagined.
Simply put, we design gorgeous and functional spaces that have an
emotional impact, making people’s lives better and happier.

What brought this project about? Did your clients have an idea of what they needed or did they leave it all up to you?Our clients, a busy working couple, recently
purchased a townhouse in West Seattle. They
wanted a new look that reflected their
personal style and they were finally ready to
create a space they could be proud of and
show off to their friends. This project in
particular was fun for Carolina and I because
we were given full control to create a
concept that was within budget, but had a
dynamic yet livable feel. Because of this, we
took a high/low approach and splurged on
some key pieces (like the bone inlay coffee
table) and then scaled back with artwork that
was created using feathers and ikea frames
to fill up a double-volume wall.

What is your client’s favorite part about the finished product?Our clients said that their favorite part of the
finished product was the feeling they get
when they see it each day. She told me that it
makes her happy to walk into her space and
that she and her husband just sit together
with a cocktail in the evening and talk about
how much they love their living room. As
designers, creating that emotional impact
that improves how people feel in their spaces
is what is so important to Carolina and I.

What part of this project are you most proud of?Carolina and I are proud that our client chose
to trust our creative vision and that we
created a really dynamic space from furniture
to the finishing touches of art and
accessories within budget. This is what we
do for our clients and we love seeing our
vision come to completion. Even though our
client had a budget, we understood that it
was an serious investment for them and we
are so proud that our clients feel that it has
paid off. It’s truly a lifestyle ROI.

Are there certain design elements you see yourself using frequently, as part of your style as a designer?Of course! We feel that it’s very important to design for
our client and not for ourselves. It’s our job to explore
our client’s individual style and embody that. But, each
space that Carolina and I design has our signature Pulp
vibe. We blend great balance, contrast, texture, and
patterns in a unique way and this townhouse is no
exception. Our signature touch is to always integrate
unexpected pieces into the design that creates a wow
factor or a conversation. This townhouse is full of them!
From the hand chair, to the wall covering, to patchwork
hair-on-hide pillows, to the split face bookends.

Are there design elements in this space that you would recommend for other homes?Since our client has pets, our design team
utilized lots of hair-on-hide leather in both the
rug choices and in the pillows. Hair-on-hide
leather is amazingly cleanable and worth the
investment for longevity when you have pets
or kids. You can literally hose it down!

Any favorite memories of the project you’d like to share?Even though our clients allowed us full control,
they gave us a ton of push back on the teak
hand chair! They thought it might be too odd
and out of their comfort zone when we shared
it with them in their design presentation. After
a little convincing and a few private
conversations between the two of them, they
decided to let us go for it! That chair is now
their absolute favorite piece! They love it and
all their friends are wowed by it. That little
design victory is one of our favorite memories
from this project.