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by Michelle Gage

Whether indoors or outdoors, a ceramic garden stool holds some serious style. It’s the perfect way to add an extra material into your living space. These garden stools can also stand up to the elements. Mother Nature won’t destroy this piece if left outside. A basic white option or bold popping color can help you complete your look.

This stunning white selection adds appeal to this already bright space. Sit your glass of water atop this new end table.

Don’t worry about this ceramic stool when it comes to moisture in the bathroom. Where wood would fail, ceramic succeeds.

Nearly camouflage, this small stool doubles as an additional surface in the functional entryway.

Bring in this bright orange stool to add a pop of contrast to the yard’s greenery.

Replicate this clever alternative to a standard coffee table with a trio of these sweet ceramic stools.

Three garden stools stand at the end of the sofa to hold plants and refreshments. This festive bunch is a seriously stylish way to add a kick of color to your front porch.

A pair of navy-colored ceramic stools sit sweetly in front of this stark white sofa. This two-toned space is both classic and timeless.

This golden ceramic stool will add a little glam to whatever space it inhabits.

While great for placing drinks, ceramic stools are sturdy enough to hold you too! Set a couple around your patio table.

This predominately white bathroom is just as stunning as it is soothing. Place a ceramic stool in your space to hold your evening bath beads or a vase full of fresh flowers.

These novelty stools make your outside space feel like just another day at the beach.

Living next to your bed, this ceramic stool is the perfect substitute for the traditional nightstand. Choose something neutral to allow you to change up your bedding as often as you like!

A mustard yellow ceramic stool adds a sunny spot to the patio or parlor.

This chic space is perfectly curated and further elevated by the little white garden stool.

Create an instant reading corner by placing a ceramic stool next to your favorite seat.

This saturated trio of garden stools has us green with envy! We love the way it complements the surrounding decor.

Featuring a fresh floral print, this robin’s egg blue garden stool is a great way to infuse effortless style into your space.

What a sunny spot to sit and read! These stools are completely mobile and can travel everywhere you go. Pick it up and bring it over to your favorite seat.

Scatter a handful of blue and white stools around your patio or deck and pair them with a scattered mix of matching planters.

A sleek, gold-faceted garden stool is a serious game changer for your space.

Utilize a garden stool to add a subtle print or pattern to your space.

Sometimes all your space needs is a traditional print to pull it all together.

Pretty light blue stools sit in the center of this dreamy front porch. Note how the stool shares a common hue with the accent throw pillows!

For the chic black and white space, bring in a colorful garden stool for a decorative lift.

Both bright and cheery, this yellow caged stools add a spark of color to this serene space.

Add this novelty navy elephant stool into your living or play room.

Snuck in the corner under the window, this stool helps complete this room’s calming vibe.

A structured stool makes for a great addition to any space.

This stool fits right in within this artfully bold bedroom.

A soothing, sky blue shade is most welcomed in any room of your choosing.

This bright yellow stool can totally live in the shower, sans the worry of ruining its finish!

The colors in this space are both vibrant and bright, complementing the turquoise ceramic stool in the room’s center.

If neutral tones are your thing, incorporate the shades into the decor in the form of garden stools. Grey stools pair perfectly with this patio’s pillows, upholstery, and rug.

The beautiful contrast of the eclectic elements of this setup is totally unexpected and effortlessly perfect!

This skinny waisted stool is so chic! Place it on your porch or patio for a quick and easy update.