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Just in time to combat the winter blues, we’re rounding up all the different ways you can add a summer touch to your space with the most popular print around: The Beverly Hills Hotel Banana leaf wallpaper. Suffering from a black thumb? You don’t have to keep your plant alive if it’s in print form and hanging on your wall. Here are 20 ways to get in on the trend.

welcome to the beverly hills hotel

The original wallpaper was created by decorator Don Loper in 1942 for the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel. The “Martinique” wallpaper has since become an icon in its own right, with replicas popping up everywhere over the past year.

a statement wall

Since the print is on the louder side, choose one wall and instead of painting it a solid color, opt for a banana leaf wallpaper. Add modern accessories for a low key, bohemian, Cali vibe.

pop of color

Add a subdued pop of color to an otherwise black and white room. And as this photo proves, you can’t go wrong with gold accessories.

your home office

Brighten up your home office with the playful print to create a chic atmosphere.

the perfect pillow

Adding even a small, printed pillow into the mix can lend a cool, brighter vibe to any room.

diy your furniture

Painting or adding wall paper cutouts to your furniture is a sly, small way to incorporate the print into a room.

black & white bathroom

Up the cool factor of your black and white graphic bathroom even further by adding the print to your walls. It will fill up the white space and make it feel like you’re actually in a jungle.

a large tapestry

Opt for a tapestry over wallpaper or a print to cover lots of wall space in an interesting, and noncommittal, way.

the duvet

Opting to utilize the rich colors in a duvet feels sophisticated yet still trendy and fresh.

a phone case

Bring the Cali-inspired print with you on-the-go in the form of a cell phone case.

paired with pastel pink

There’s something about complementing this tropical print with a pastel pink that just feels so right.

modern bathroom

The wicker baskets, gold accents, and golden-stained wood lends this print a bohemian, yet modern feel.

dishware delights

If you’re not ready to incorporate this print into your larger decor items, save it for kitchen accessories like this lovely serving set.

diy wallpaper The classic wallpaper is available online, which means you really can add it to any room.

recruit a painter

Replicate this larger than life design by recruiting a friend that’s a painter. Trust us, they’ll be up for the challenge.

gift wrap

Be the best gifter you can be and wrap your presents in the prettiest print around.

white and green accessories

Go with the classic green and white color palette and add green glass accessories and white accessories in varied textures for a clean, crisp-looking room.

add actual plants

What’s better than a

banana leaf print

? Accenting with real life plants, of course. (The velvet headboard and pup don’t hurt either)!

a throw blanket

This specific print is a darker take on the classic Martinique print and is a more graphic way to incorporate the banana leaf into any space.

a beach chair

Where better to take the beachy print than to the beach?