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We’re always looking for new ways to spice up our

gallery wall

or find space to create a whole new one. Lately, we’ve been seeing a whole lot of the ledge [%515%] And to nobodies surprise, we’re OBSESSED. You simply hang your shallow ledge (or regular floating shelves!) and lean your frames against the wall. Read on for inspiration and tips to help you achieve your best [%515%] update.

We love how the bottom shelf is actually the top of a book-filled bench.

Opting to keep your frames, prints, and photos in black and white is a popular choice for ledge gallery walls. Keep the rest of the room neutral or make a statement with a pop of pastel.

Ledge gallery walls don’t have to be against a white wall OR use one single type of frame. This blue room is full of rich colors and textures, including the varied frames leaning on unevenly space, white floating shelves.

Don’t feel confined to choosing one mode of hanging your photos. You can break the rules and do both, see?

Your ledge gallery wall doesn’t have to be more than one shelf. Use this nook as inspiration and use the bottom shelves for books and the top shelf for bigger, uniformly-colored prints.

You can lean your artwork against basically anything. The combination of leaned prints and hanging art over this ledge of books and trinkets is great for storage and displaying items you love.

Don’t be afraid to bring the ledge gallery wall into your bedroom. These smaller, staggered shelves fit great above the bed.

The large scale prints, pops of color, and choice in frames fit perfectly with the style of this modern-bohemian room.

If you decide to use regular floating shelves, you can also add other decor items like tiny succulents, clocks, and other decorative items with sentimental value.

This particular gallery wall spans almost the entire length and height of the wall, which is an impressive design feat to conquer.

Disappear shelves into the wall by painting them the same bold (or faint!) hue of your colored wall.

Smaller gallery walls that aren’t the main focus of the room still make a visual impact. We love how this one is tucked away in the top corner of the bedroom!

Hang two floating shelves over your desk to create an interchangeable inspiration board that is more refined and less messy than taping or pinning prints to your wall.

How dense or sparse your ledges are is up to you! These built-in shelves aren’t as full as other walls we’ve seen, but it looks intentionally styled and works in the space.

Color is always welcome! We’re huge fans of this larger scale, two tier ledge gallery wall that incorporates plenty of color to go along with those turquoise chairs.

Keep in mind how large—or small—you want your framed prints to be before hanging your ledges. We appreciate the small scale of this three tiered gallery wall.