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by Michelle Gage

While we are used to seeing bold, blooming accent walls, we can’t help but stop and stare at solid black ones. This striking trend is taking interiors by storm! Style up your space with an accent of its own. You won’t regret the inclusion of a bold black statement in your space.

Set yourself up for success with this striking

black accent wall

. Tie other pieces within the space back to it by painting your desk legs black.

Black and brass is a stunning combination. Hang a pair of these brilliant brass sconces on either side of your bed to achieve this look.

A deep black chalkboard wall is the perfect accent for the family’s math lover. Let those chalk white equations become the art in the room.

Accent your space with all black. From the shelving and art – and even the outlet cover – this look proves that black is bold!

Build yourself a black tiled bathroom wall. This striking accent is a standout in this space.

A black accent wall can still make a statement, even when the rest of the room is all black and white. Anchor your bed on that focal wall to make the biggest impact.

Place your desk on a black accent wall to make a white desk really stand out.

Black accent walls don’t have to be totally solid. Try a moody black floral wallpaper if you’re looking to accent with this dramatic color.

To further accent your built in bookcase, try painting it black. This stunning focal point makes even more of an accent when done dark.

Hang some herbs and utensils on your kitchen’s black accent wall. One done with chalkboard paint also helps to keep your grocery lists organized.

If you are looking for a color to paint your wonderful wall of wood, we suggest black. This bold choice further cements that wall’s feature in your home and is an unexpected way to present this texture.

Even the tiniest of walls can act as an accent. These subways tiles carefully crawl up the walls on this otherwise white bathroom.

This matte black wall is a brilliant bold accent in this bedroom.

Diagonal stripes race across this black accent wall, as if to apply art directly onto it.

This subtle black wall adds the right amount of drama into this space. Nestled behind a larger piece of furniture, this accent wall provides the perfect amount of interest.

This dining room finds the perfect balance between glam and industrial. This insanely chic space draws you in and makes you take notice of the bold black back wall.

Break up your white walls with a thick stripe of black. This impact is seriously striking for your entry way.

Enhance your featured black wall with a gallery of art. Hang artist prints and family photographs for an eclectic look.

An ornate golden entry table is an inviting piece for your foyer. Placed against a black wall, this piece really pops!

While the ceiling is insanely striking, this black accent wall is the room’s focal point.

Choose the room’s largest wall and paint it black. This striking set up got everything right.

Black beams and window trim help to further accentuate this bold black wall. This accent lives nicely right in the room’s center.

This chic office space is one that instantly draws you in. The back black wall compels you to come in, take a seat and start working.

You don’t have to always choose the obvious wall when looking to make a statement. Sometimes the sides are the best fit for adding an inky hue.

Draw inspiration from this space to revitalize your own. We can totally see your productivity increasing with the addition of a black accent wall.

Make an accent wall up your stairs. Bring black into the adjacent spaces through upholstery and accessories.

Why not start with the black wall and then add the accents! The headboard, mirror and throw blanket compliment this black wall brilliantly.

While this room technically has two feature walls, we can stop staring at the painted black one. Paired with white painted brick, this is one killer combination.

Headed up the stairs, this dark wall is where it’s at!

Tiny gilded triangles climb up this deep black wall. A bold accent, behind your bed, is one quick way to spruce up your bedroom.

Take a note from dark tile and add some impact on your walls. Let this moody tone take over one wall in your kitchen.

Kick things up a notch with the inclusion of a black accent wall in your bedroom. Graphic art helps, too!

Make a serious statement in your space by taking cues from the furniture. This small, but stunning, black wall really ties the rooms whole look together.