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by Lauren Finney

Since the 1950’s, the Acapulco chair has been a staple of the jetsetter in need of pretty patio furniture. Nowadays, however, it’s so much more: an accent in a bedroom, an artful addition to an entryway or even a miniature version for a kids’ room. From indoors to outdoors and from neutrals to brights, see how an Acapulco chair can really rework a room.

A most unexpected place is a good starting point for an Acapulco chair – try bringing it not only indoors, but to a formal interior like this French apartment. The simplicity of the lines and the color palette against the ornate ceiling and doors is the right kind of juxtaposition.

A graphic, geometric floor is perfectly complimented by the bold, linear planes of an Acapulco chair; the sheepskin and pops of color help lighten the room’s inventive dark palette.

A kid’s sized pink chair is a great surprise modern element in a floral-papered nursery, and having the chair against the dustier pink of the flooring makes it all that more striking.

Here, the chair is a bold, bright addition to an outdoor bathroom covered in natural materials – somehow both speak to this Mexican hotel’s interior in two different yet complementary ways.

A Scandinavian colored room makes good use of the geometric lines of an Acapulco chair as a sophisticated room element, which emphasizes the lines of the simple whitewashed flooring.

For a truly livable yet stylish space, try tucking one into the corner of a loft, which keeps with a modern theme while subtly softening the lines of the bookshelves, windows, and floor.

Bring an Acapulco chair (halfway) inside in a natural tone to a greenhouse or gardening room.

A hot pink chair ties together an accent headboard in a playful, bright bedroom.

Despite its Mexican heritage, Acapulco chairs in a neutral weave play nicely in this Brussels hotel lounge.

What better way to accent and bring warmth an all-white kitchen than with a little natural-toned vignette.

A little boy’s room gets a splash of modernity through a black version that plays nicely into the faux camping theme.

For a nursery void of pastels, a black Acapulco chair makes a good alternative to a rocking chair or a place for stuffed animals to live.

Take the chair outside again and try it as a welcoming addition to the front of the house instead of relegating it to the back – it’s the perfect perch from which to watch the neighborhood go by.

Sometimes, classic is best, such as these yellow Acapulco chairs that help nail a ‘50s feel, down to the Astroturf.

Give your outdoor chairs a subtle, sophisticated upgrade through metallic feet.

Acapulco chairs take the place of traditional arm chairs in this natural-inspired living space.

Here’s a new one – try it in a kitchen space! It’s the perfect post for someone to chat with you while you’re cooking.

Even preppy, beach-inspired rooms can benefit from an Acapulco chair in a woven material – the natural shade is much more refreshing than traditional white wicker.

Use vintage or rare Acapulco chair incarnations to compliment a vignette in an entryway or hallway.

These chairs make the simple porch stunning for this mid-century style house and play nicely off the pinks of the brick chimney.

Talk about ideal indoor/outdoor living – this space truly brings all of the outdoors in, including making these Acapulco chairs feel like a seamless part of the living room.

Use a focal wall as a starting off point to bring in a brightly colored chair; the lines of the chair help break up the space and keep the corner light and bright.

Acapulco chairs in all black with black shearling lend themselves to a darker, more glamorous style.

The yellow of this true garden chair helps complement the pinkish hues of the building, while subtly picking up on the yellow undertones of the plants, making for a totally graphic and unexpected outdoors space.

This eclectic entryway is grounded by the neutrality of these wooden Acapulco chairs – bonus that they’re extra seating for this lively and bright living space.

Try an Acapulco chair as a work of art, as it is in this modern, striking entryway.

The Acapulco chair in this living space helps make the space seem actually lived in without taking up too much space within the room.

The chair here doubles as a secondary seating option or counter space for all the things coming and going from a bedroom; it brings the color scheme of the bedroom out into the common space as well.

These might be the chicest versions yet – these white library chairs are deep enough to stay for a while, which is guaranteed thanks to all the colorful books on those shelves.

Acapulco chairs make an easy bridge between outdoor and indoor space, just as their original design was intended; bonus points that this one brings the wood framing elements of the house inside to the studio space.

These hot coral chairs are a surprisingly fun addition to a mid-century neutral exterior and interior, and show a lot of personality while being restrained.

Is this the most luxurious Acapulco chair ever? Quite possibly. Done in strips, it’s almost too pretty to sit in.

Use a chair as a great grounding piece in a bar cart corner – it doubles as a place to read and sip a gin and tonic!